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Assault Victims Have a Right to Personal Injury Claims

It’s a sad fact of life, but often, human beings treat each other pretty poorly. This can range from slights and snubs to racial or sex discrimination. It can also include assault – physical assault is a terrible thing for someone to have to suffer, but it occurs more frequently than you might imagine. While there is no way to wipe that experience from your mind, there is some hope. There’s no need to suffer the pain of an assault and the complications that come along with it. A personal injury claim can help you receive the restitution that you deserve.

What Can a Personal Injury Claim Help You Pay?

One of the first things you’ll encounter if you are the victim of assault is the fact that you have to pay medical bills. Whether your encounter resulted in minor bruises and cuts or broken bones, there’s likely to be a hospital bill involved. In many cases, particularly in severe assaults, you might have to stay in the hospital for several days, or even require surgery to repair the damage done. You should not be forced to pay for those high medical bills when your injuries were not your fault. A personal injury claim can help pay those medical bills and give you some financial relief.

Time Out of Work

Another common situation for assault victims is missing time at work because of their injuries. Most people cannot afford unplanned time out of work – particularly in an economy as bad as this one. With a personal injury claim, you can recoup your lost wages and ensure that your family does not suffer because of your assault.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim for Assault

While you can certainly press charges against the individual who assaulted you, this will be a criminal case. You can also file a personal injury claim, which will be a civil case. The first step is to contact a skilled attorney to provide you with advice about your options and how to proceed with your case. While it’s possible to represent yourself during these cases, it’s really not advisable. A reputable personal injury attorney has the skills and experience to go to bat for you in a court of law. You’ll also find that your chances of getting a beneficial settlement without having to go to trial are much better with a good attorney at your side.