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Oklahoma Truck Accident Statistics

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety contains an agency called the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO).  OHSO releases an annual report on Oklahoma truck accident statistics. According to a 2013 OHSO report, a total of 5,182 large truck crashes were reported that year. Large trucks were defined to include:

  • Double-trailers
  • Semi-trailers
  • Single unit trucks with two or more axles
  • Truck-tractors
  • Trucks over 10,000 pounds

A total of 90 accidents (about 1.7 percent) were fatal, resulting in 98 deaths. More than 1,300 nonfatal injuries were also reported, nearly 200 of which were incapacitating. A total of 1,265 crashes – about one quarter — occurred on interstate highways, slightly fewer than the 1,473 crashes (28.4 percent) which took place on city streets. Statistically speaking, August was the most dangerous month for crashes, while accidents were most likely to occur on Tuesdays.

In 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, OHSO reported 5,155 large truck crashes, a slight decrease from 2013.  However, the number of fatal accidents remained virtually unchanged, actually increasing slightly from 90 to 91 (about 1.8 percent).  These 91 fatal accidents caused 118 deaths, an increase of nearly two per month on average from the previous year.  Another 239 people sustained incapacitating injuries.  An additional 788 minor or moderate injuries were also reported.

On the federal level, vehicular accidents are monitored and studied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which reported that large trucks — vehicles with a gross weight above 10,000 pounds — were involved in about 342,000 crashes in 2013.  Collectively, these crashes were responsible for 3,964 deaths and close to 100,000 injuries.

The majority of those who were killed — about 71 percent of the victims — were not truck occupants, but the drivers or passengers of other vehicles. As an Oklahoma City truck accident lawyer can explain, about 17 percent were truck occupants, while about 11 percent were pedestrians, cyclists, or other non-occupants of any vehicle. If you have any questions about Oklahoma bus statistics, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney today.