Why did my doctor’s office file a lien against me?

Not every personal injury plaintiff has health insurance. Those who are involved in automobile accidents sometimes have have “PIP” (personal injury protection) or “Med Pay” (Medical Payments) coverage to pay medical bills, but these benefits are often not enough to cover all of the necessary medical treatment. These plaintiffs are presented with a catch-22: they […]

What goes into a Personal Injury Settlement Demand?

Friendly reminder that this isn’t legal advice, but “lawyer ramblings” on demand letters. What goes into personal injury demand packet? Once you are through with your medical treatment, or you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, and gathered all the documents necessary to make your settlement demand, it’s time to write a settlement demand letter. Here’s a […]

IME – The (not so) Independent Medical Exam

There is no “i” in team, and there shouldn’t be one in “IME,” either, because there is nothing “independent” about an IME in a personal injury lawsuit. In fact, plaintiff’s’ personal injury attorneys are more properly referring to these exams as DMEs, or “Defendant Medical Exams,” or “Insurance Medical Exams.” For purposes of this article, […]

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