4 Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

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The aftermath of car accident mistakes can be a scary and confusing time. In addition to the impact on your physical and mental health, you may also be facing damage to your vehicle and a possible battle with the insurance company. It’s important to know that your actions and inactions after an accident can make or break your claim, should you decide to take action against the other party. Here are some common mistakes to avoid after being involved in a crash.

Apologizing or Admitting Fault

When interacting with the other driver, the police, or insurance companies, avoid saying anything that could be interpreted as an admission. This includes apologizing or offering to pay for repairs or medical expenses. Although car accident mistakes aren’t a crime, this is a situation where anything you say can and will be used against you. Be calm and respectful when dealing with the other party and refrain from arguing, blaming, or trying to assign fault. The assessors will make this determination in due course.

Failing to Gather Evidence Is A Car Accident Mistake

In the chaos and confusion of an accident, it’s easy to forget to gather important pieces of evidence and information from the other parties involved. Always remember to exchange contact details with the other driver and make a note of their license plate number. Take photos of the damage to all vehicles involved, as well as any visible injuries. If there are any distinguishing features of the environment, such as signs and potholes, be sure to get photos of those, too.

If possible, get the contact details of anyone who may be willing to serve as a witness. Make a note of any potential sources of CCTV footage, such as traffic cameras or security cameras on nearby buildings. Dashcam footage should be safeguarded on an external drive as soon as possible.

Not Seeking Medical Attention or Not Following a Treatment Plan

Even if you believe your injuries are minor or non-existent, it’s always worth the effort to get a doctor’s opinion. In many instances, aches and pains begin to arise weeks or even months after an accident. By failing to seek medical attention, you won’t know the true extent of your injuries and could be putting your health at risk.
If you do decide to seek compensation for your injuries, you will need medical evidence to substantiate your claim. If significant time has passed between the date of the accident and your first visit to the doctor, this does not bode well for your case. When there is evidence of a treatment gap, insurance companies will devalue your claim or deny it altogether. Treatment gaps can also happen if you fail to attend follow-up appointments or if the doctor’s orders aren’t followed. In these instances, it can be argued that your injuries were exacerbated by your own negligence and failure to mitigate.

Not Calling an Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer

After seeking medical attention, your next call should be to an Oklahoma car accident lawyer. A personal injury attorney can assess your case to determine whether you’re entitled to compensation and if so, how much you can expect to receive. Without the guidance of a lawyer, you may hinder your chances of success or accept offers well below what you’re truly entitled to.
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