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Catastrophic injuries turn your life upside down. A personal injury claim cannot turn back the clock and prevent your injuries, but working with an Oklahoma City catastrophic injury lawyer can help you seek some financial compensation for the losses you sustained.

Have you suffered a catastrophic injury in Oklahoma City?

After suffering a catastrophic injury, you may have a lot of questions about your next steps. How can you maximize your recovery? Where can you get the money you need to cover the cost of your medical expenses and help you manage your finances while you rebuild your life? An Oklahoma City catastrophic injury lawyer can help set you on the path to compensation.

When should I call a Oklahoma City catastrophic injury lawyer?

Reach out to an Oklahoma City catastrophic injury lawyer as soon after your accident as possible. In the case of catastrophic injuries, you will have immense medical bills and substantial financial worries. The party that caused your accident, whether corporate or individual, may owe you compensation for those losses–and a personal injury claim can help get those funds in your hands. Contacting a lawyer early in the process can make it easier for you to manage your claim, since a lawyer can offer critical legal advice that can help you determine how much compensation you deserve from the beginning.

If you have not yet reached out to a lawyer, you should get in touch with an Oklahoma City catastrophic injury attorney if:

  • You receive a settlement offer from the liable party’s insurance company and want a better idea of whether it reflects the compensation you really deserve
  • You need to prove that the other party caused your catastrophic injuries–and that you did not contribute to the accident
  • You cannot get the insurance company to pay the settlement you deserve, despite clearly establishing the extent of your injuries and the other party’s liability

Types of accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries can result from several types of accidents, including:

  • Car, motorcycle, or big truck accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents/premises liability accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Medical malpractice

Who is responsible for a catastrophic injury?

Finding the party responsible for your catastrophic injury can prove essential to pursuing financial compensation for your injuries. Generally, the party responsible for your injury is the person or entity who:

  • Had a responsibility to you at the time of the accident, including a responsibility to provide a safe environment or to exercise care to prevent an injury. For example, drivers bear a duty of care to others on the road to ensure that they pay attention and help avoid accidents.
  • Violated that responsibility/duty of care in some way, usually due to an act of carelessness or negligence on the part of the liable party
  • Caused your injuries as a direct result of that careless act

Carelessness could include anything from failing to properly maintain a property or exercise care on the road to ignoring safety precautions on a construction site. A lawyer can help sort out what actions may have contributed to your accident and, therefore, who you need to sue in order to pursue compensation.

Oklahoma City catastrophic injury lawyer near you

If you suffered catastrophic injuries, an Oklahoma City catastrophic injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you may deserve. Contact us today to learn more about the services and support we can provide as you move forward with your claim.

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