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Deaths, Injuries from Drunk Driving See Big Decline in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Car Crash Trends: Part 4

Alcohol-related traffic fatalities in Oklahoma were down by a whopping 28% in 2013, according to data released recently by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office.

A total of 189 people lost their lives on Oklahoma streets and highways last year due to drunk driving, driving under the influence and other alcohol-related offenses. Even one such death is one too many, but the good news is that that total represents 72 fewer lives lost to alcohol-impaired driving than the preceding year (there were 261 alcohol-related traffic fatalities in 2012.)

Alcohol-related car crashes continue to be a huge problem in Oklahoma, causing 28% of our state’s 678 traffic fatalities in 2013. However, alcohol-related fatalities are down, and so are the combined number of fatalities and injuries in alcohol-related car accidents. Our state had 1,819 alcohol-related traffic deaths and injuries in 2013, the first time the total has been below 2,000 in several years.

Mixing drinking with driving is always a terrible thing and I fully support strict measures to prevent and punish drunk driving. However, you would be wrong if you think most serious auto accidents in Oklahoma involve alcohol. Actually, just 8% (2,696) of the 34,999 traffic deaths and injuries in our state in 2013 resulted from alcohol-related crashes.

New 2013 Car Crash Statistics

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office recently released hundreds of pages of 2013 traffic statistics. In this “Oklahoma Car Crash Trends” blog series, I am reviewing what the new data reveals about such topics as traffic fatalities, alcohol-related crashes, speeding crashes, pedestrian fatalities and injuries, motorcycle fatalities and injuries, and distracted driving due to cell phones in the Sooner state.

In the first post of this blog series, I provided links to the recently released OHSA publications. At the bottom of that post, I listed the titles and links to all of the posts in this series on Oklahoma Car Crash Trends.

More Statistics on Alcohol-related Car Crashes in Oklahoma

Here are several other noteworthy statistics that I found in the OHSA reports about drunk driving in Oklahoma:

• The reduced number of 189 alcohol-related fatalities in Oklahoma in 2013 is the lowest since 2006.

• The most dangerous hours to be on the road, so far as alcohol-related crashes are concerned, are 1:00-3:00 a.m.. Also dangerous are the hours of 9:00 p.m. to midnight.

• The most dangerous days of the week when it comes to drunk driving are Saturday and Sunday (remember, the Sunday statistics include the early morning hours of drinking that begin on Saturday nights).

• More than half (54%) of alcohol-related crashes were single-car incidents.

• The most likely location (43%) for an alcohol-related crash is city streets, with county roads second at 20%, and interstate highways a distant third at 10%.

• However, county road drunk driving crashes are the most deadly, accounting for 27% of traffic fatalities, followed by city streets, 19%.

More Information about Car Accident Fatalities, Injuries

We have provided a wealth of information on this website about Oklahoma car accidents, traffic fatalities and highway safety. A good place to start is the video, content and links on this page: “Car Accidents.”

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