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Edmond Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer

Edmond roads are oftentimes susceptible to the effects of bad weather, because of the icy roads and black ice. There are a lot of inexperienced drivers that are not used to driving in icy conditions or snowy conditions since it does not snow every year. If you have been in an accident with another that may be attributed to turbulent weather, get in touch with an experienced attorney. An Edmond bad weather car accident lawyer may be able to help you process your compensation claim.

Initial Steps Following an Auto Accident as a Result of Severe Conditions

After being involved in an accident triggered by severe conditions, the initial steps a person should take is to call 911 to report the accident, document everything, including the other driver’s information, and take photos. When the weather is severe, the police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol may sometimes only respond to injury accidents.

If it is property damage only, it is even more important to make sure to document everything about the other driver and the wreck, especially if they admit fault. A person should also contact an Edmond bad weather car accident lawyer in order to correctly document evidence of the crash.

Initially, when someone is involved in an accident, they may not think they are injured. They may take pictures of the scene, but not realize they are injured until later that day or the next day. An individual could have an injury that gets worse during the night when they are immobile. It is imperative to seek medical attention following an auto accident to ensure not only personal health, but to have a successful injury claim as well.

How Does Dangerous Weather Impact Assignment of Fault in a Car Crash?

Dangerous weather can impact assignment of fault in a car accident because it is sometimes hard to tell what happened. If somebody was several cars in front of the two vehicles involved in the wreck, suddenly changes lanes because they hydroplane, then it may be difficult to assign fault. This may be something that an individual may or may not have been able to prevent.

People like to think that they are able to investigate an accident and figure out what happened and who was at fault, but sometimes it is difficult. That is why an individual needs to preserve any evidence at the accident scene. Skid marks, the location where the accident occurred, what part of the roadway, and any witnesses that were there are usually not available unless documented immediately.

Proving Liability in an Edmond Bad Weather Car Accident

The recoverable damages that may be sought by a person involved in a dangerous weather accident are medical bills, pain and suffering, and any proof of lost income. If there is an at-fault party, a person can recover thier damages from the other driver’s insurance company. If it is a single-car or single-vehicle accident, it would be from their insurance company and it would depend on what type of policy they have with their insurance company.

Evidence Used to Prove Liability

The evidence that could be used to prove that weather conditions were the cause of the car accident after the conditions have subsided include photos of the scene of the wreck. In an accident caused by weather conditions, other information, like the amount of rainfall where the accident occurred or the time of the storm, is available from TV or the National Weather Service.

A person could find out what the conditions were at that specific time if there were no other witnesses to testify to the seriousness of the weather conditions. The other evidence, and often the best, would be testimony from witnesses. For help with gathering evidence, get in touch with an Edmond bad weather car accident lawyer.

Importance of Hiring an Edmond Bad Weather Car Accident Attorney

A Edmond bad weather car accident lawyer could help victims involved in an accident due to poor weather conditions by preserving the evidence, investigating, and talking to witnesses. They can check if there are cameras in the area that would show exactly how the accident happened. They would help them as they would any other victim to try to prove the case.

Lawyers have to look at the conduct of the driver and whether the driver was driving at an unsafe speed for the conditions. If somebody loses control of their car and they hydroplane, it is probably because they were driving too fast. Even though lawyers want to figure out who is at fault, they have to evaluate the case, examine the facts, and help the person as best as they are able to by proving that they were not at fault.