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If you have been the victim of the negligence of a drunk driver, it may be in your best interest to inquire about the monetary compensation a person could recover should they represent a valid injury claim. With the help of an experienced attorney, you could be able to gather evidence that could help legitimize your claim. If you believe you could benefit from such services, be sure to reach out to an Edmond drunk driving car accident lawyer today.

Examples of the Uniqueness of Drunk Driving Auto Wreck Cases

Some examples of how a car accident injury case caused by a drunk driver is different from other car accident injury cases. This may include how drunk drivers oftentimes do not slow down before the impact. A lot of drivers, if they are sober, see a car that stops in front of them and they start to slow down. A drunk driver might not even notice the vehicle in front of them. The impact could be worse and the damage to the person and the vehicle could be significantly worse. This could enhance damages considerably.

Depending on the extent of intoxication, whether they are slightly impaired or extremely drunk, a jury is going to react. They are going to be outraged by somebody who causes a serious injury to somebody else because they were behind the wheel of a car while they were intoxicated. A car accident involving a drunk driver is more likely to involve punitive damages than a typical car accident injury case. For more information, get in touch with an Edmond drunk driving car accident lawyer.

Recoverable Damages in Edmond

The damages sought by the plaintiff in a drunk driving accident are the same that are available in any other case. They would be personal injury, medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Punitive damages may also be available. Punitive damages are to punish that driver for driving drunk and causing serious injury.

The problem with punitive damages is trying to collect them. One could get a punitive damage award, but they are not going to be able to collect it against a drunk driver who probably does not have much in the way of assets or insurance that covers punitive damages. It would have to come from the assets of the drunk driver to recover from punitive damages.

Role of the Victim During a Drunk Driving Claim

The injured person’s main priority should be seeking medical attention. The involvement of the injured party in the legal process, after an accident caused by a drunk driver, is that they often will need to testify. That is the one reason the district attorney or the prosecutor is taking the case.

The drunk driver was engaged in conduct that resulted in serious injuries to someone. The injured person is often going to be called on by the prosecutor about what is going on. They may be a witness at trial. That testimony could be used in the civil case that one has for personal injury if they are suing the drunk driver. A criminal conviction means there is no question that the person was the drunk driver who caused the accident.

Is There a Requirement to Press Charges?

Edmond would pursue its own criminal charges against the drunk driver, because it is a public danger if somebody is driving drunk. The police want to control it, they want to limit it, and they want to punish somebody who engages in drunk driving. They would pursue criminal charges as a matter of public interest. The other driver is not going to charge them with drunk driving. The police, and district attorneys, would handle the case from the criminal standpoint.

As far as damages and recovery for the injured party, it is done in a civil court versus the criminal justice system. The injured party would need to have an Edmond drunk driving car accident lawyer file a lawsuit and pursue any damages against the drunk driver. The state does have a victim compensation system where they try to compensate some injured people that they would not otherwise be able to collect. That is an area that is unique. Somebody could get recovery from the drunk driver or from some other fund.

Importance of Getting in Touch with an Edmond Drunk Driving Car Accident Attorney

If you believe that you have a legitimate injury claim, it is wise to consult with an Edmond drunk driving car accident lawyer. An attorney could guide you through the legal process of filing a compensation claim. A lawyer could also help you accurately estimate the total compensation you deserve. Lastly, an attorney could advise you on making the decisions that could benefit your claim.