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Edmond Failure to Yield Car Accident Lawyer

An Edmond failure to yield car accident lawyer may be able to help you when another driver’s failure to yield is the cause of your injuries in a car accident. A car wreck lawyer could help to explain the relevant yield laws, examine the location of the accident to determine who had the right of way, and demand appropriate compensation from at-fault defendants.

State Laws Concerning Yielding and the Right of Way

Questions concerning which driver has the right of way in a meeting of two vehicles is a common cause of conflict on Edmond’s roads. There are several state statutes that determine when a driver has a responsibility to yield.

The most direct statutes are those that require drivers to obey all yield and stop signs present on the road. According to Oklahoma Statute 47 §11-403, all motorists, regardless of vehicle type, must stop at stop signs and conform to yield signs when encountering other drivers.

Other examples of state laws concerning the right of way are less obvious. Under OS 47 §11-401, when two drivers approach an intersection at the same time, the driver on the left must always yield to the driver on the right. Additionally, drivers on smaller roads must always yield to drivers on state or federal highways. These lesser-known statutes are the subject of many disagreements in Edmond failure to yield car accident cases.

Interactions Between Traffic Violations and Civil Claims for Damages

A person who suffers an injury in a car accident always has the right to demand compensation from at-fault motorists. Most of the time, however, the plaintiff’s attorney needs to prove that a defendant was negligent, which can involve an examination of not just the steps taken by the defendant that led to the accident, but also requires a plaintiff to justify their own choices on the road that may have contributed to the incident.

One clear exception to this rule is the concept of negligence per se. Here, a court in a civil case for damages following an accident may assume that a defendant is responsible for an accident if the defendant violated a law intended to prevent harm. The traffic laws concerning yielding and the right of way absolutely fit into this category.

As a result, if a police report indicates that the responding officer issued a ticket to the defendant for a failure to yield or adhere to a stop sign, this is powerful evidence of defendant fault. Even better are cases where a defendant has admitted guilt to the ticket in court or when the traffic court returns a guilty verdict. In these cases, an injured plaintiff must merely make a proper measurement of their losses and make a claim against the proper defendant and insurance company. An Edmond failure to yield car accident lawyer could help to track the traffic court aspect of a failure to yield case.

Let an Edmond Failure to Yield Car Accident Lawyer Help You

Pursuing a claim for damages following any car accident can be an intimidating and frightening experience. An Edmond failure to yield car accident lawyer could help to take care of the details so that you can focus on your recovery. There is only a short time to pursue a claim, so do not hesitate to contact an Edmond failure to yield car accident lawyer today.