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Driving on the highway is an essential part of many of our daily routines. These limited-access roads offer people a chance to drive in excess of 60 miles per hour to get to work, to run errands, or enjoy a night out on the town.

Unfortunately, the popularity of these roads, when combined with their high speeds, can make highway driving extremely dangerous. Even a small amount of contact can lead to catastrophic crashes that can leave you with life-changing injuries.

All drivers have the responsibility to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. The fact that an accident happens on the highway does nothing to change this legal dynamic. An Edmond highway car accident lawyer could help you to hold other parties responsible for their negligent action and demand appropriate compensation for your losses. Contact a car accident attorney today to file a claim.

Why are Accidents so Frequent on Highways?

The idea of driving at a high rate of speed on the freeway is central to the American identity. Even though these roads have speed limits that all drivers are obligated to follow, drivers rarely take these limits to heart. It is not unusual for drivers to move at ten or even twenty miles per hour over the speed limit. Of course, this places all people on the road in considerable danger.

Highways are also dangerous because of the use of these roads as a means to transport cargo. A large portion of Edmond’s economy relies on large commercial vehicles to move product and equipment. Many of these vehicles are so large that they must use the highway whenever possible.

Accidents are also frequent on highways because of inattentive driving. With wide lanes and a lack of sharp turns, many drivers treat highway driving casually, even though a simple moment of distractedness could lead to a crash. An Edmond highway car accident lawyer could help investigate the cause of an accident and to place blame for that incident on other parties.

Demanding Proper Compensation Following an Accident

Accidents that occur on Edmond’s highways can result in catastrophic losses. Of course, at the center of these cases are the physical injuries that a victim may face. Any claim following a highway accident will demand payment for all related medical costs.

Another common source of compensation is lost wages. If a plaintiff misses some time at work to seek medical attention, this is a compensable loss. In more extreme cases, a plaintiff may endure a permanent disability that prevents them from earning a living in the future. An at-fault defendant is always responsible for providing compensation for these losses.

No matter how severe a plaintiff’s losses may be, it is important to remember that courts in Edmond will evaluate the actions of all involved parties in a highway accident. According to Oklahoma Statutes 23 §1(13), courts statewide will use the concept called modified comparative negligence in accident cases, which means that if a plaintiff is more than half to blame for an accident, they cannot collect compensation.

As a result, to collect proper payments for their losses, plaintiffs must be prepared not just to place blame on a defendant, but also to defend their own driving. An Edmond highway car accident lawyer could help to protect a plaintiff’s case from allegations of contributory negligence.

An Edmond Highway Car Accident Lawyer Could Help You Following an Injury

If you have endured an injury after being involved in an accident on Edmond’s highways, you have legal rights, including the right to demand payments for your losses from negligent defendants whose poor driving caused the incident. Even so, defendants and their insurance companies will fight to protect their finances and may allege that your own actions caused your losses.

An attorney could work to protect your rights during every stage of the case. Contact an Edmond highway car accident lawyer today to discuss your case.