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After most car accidents, most drivers abide by the laws in Oklahoma requiring them to exchange insurance information and interact with the other involved drivers and responding authorities. However, if one driver leaves the scene of the accident, any individual they injured is often left to wonder if they will be able to recover compensation for their injuries and other damages without access to the party responsible for the accident.

Fortunately, a skilled Edmond hit and run car accident lawyer could review the details of your wreck and work to hold the negligent party accountable. Call today to schedule an appointment with a dedicated car accident attorney and begin assessing your legal options.

Liability in Edmond Hit and Run Car Accidents

Many victims of hit-and-run car accidents are uncertain about filing claims since the negligent party is typically unknown. An experienced Edmond hit and run car accident attorney could employ several different investigative techniques to try to locate the negligent driver who left the scene.

This may include reviewing surveillance footage, working with police investigators, and interviewing potential witnesses. If the hit-and-run driver is not found, or if they turn out to be uninsured or underinsured, a dedicated lawyer could help ensure an injured party is able to obtain the necessary compensation under their own vehicle insurance policy benefits.

The Statute of Limitations for Evading Responsibility after Collisions

Under Oklahoma law, the statute of limitations, or deadline, for filing a claim related to a personal injury such as a hit-and-run is typically two years from the date of the accident. Consulting with legal counsel sooner rather than later may facilitate filing a claim in a timely manner.

Dealing with Car Insurance Companies

Sometimes, car insurance companies may try to avoid paying policy benefits when an accident involves a hit-and-run driver. Fortunately, skilled hit and run car accident lawyers in Edmond could negotiate with car insurers and work to make sure they fulfill their obligations under a crash victim’s policy.

If need be, a knowledgeable lawyer can also pursue litigation and seek damages from insurers who fail to live up to their obligations or who act in bad faith. Every hit-and-run car accident case is unique, so investigating the specific circumstances of the crash and the details of applicable insurance policies may be of critical importance.

One of the most important insurance policies everyone should include on their coverage is uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage. This protects the innocent victim if the person at fault does not have enough insurance, or if the at-fault driver does not have insurance.

The Role of Edmond Medical Insurers

When someone is injured in a hit-and-run accident, their medical insurance may also cover them when it comes to their outstanding medical bills stemming from the wreck. Proactive lawyers could work with both car insurance companies and medical insurance providers to ensure accident victims receive the care they require after experiencing a crash by no fault of their own.

Consult an Experienced Edmond Hit and Run Car Accident Attorney Today

Any kind of car accident can be traumatic, especially when severe injuries result. They could be especially hard to recover from if you are unable to locate the responsible party in the aftermath.

Fortunately, a compassionate Edmond hit and run car accident lawyer could help you fight to obtain compensation and coverage for your damages in such a situation. Call today to set up an initial consultation.