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Edmond Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

Side-impact collisions often referred to as T-bone crashes, are some of the most common car accidents in Edmond. Unfortunately, accidents can result in serious property damages and even life-altering injuries. If you have been injured in an accident, you should contact an experienced Edmond side-impact collision lawyer to discuss your case. A skilled car accident attorney could help you recover the compensation you may deserve.

Common Causes of Side-Impact Accidents

Common causes of side-impact accidents in Edmond include:

  • Running a red light
  • Coming up to a two-way stop and the other side assumes it is a four-way stop
  • Running a stop sign

There are actually intersections in Edmond that do not have a stop sign or traffic signal, so whoever is on the right side has the right of way.

What to do Following an Accident in Edmond

When someone is involved in a side-impact collision, the first steps they should take are to make sure they are okay, to call the police to get it documented, and if they are hurt to go to the doctor. They should also:

  • Collect the other driver’s insurance information
  • Take photos
  • Document anything they are able to
  • Collect the contact information for witnesses

When you have a police investigation, the police report may contain some of this information. Unfortunately, the police may not arrive on the scene until late or may choose not to do the incident report. In that case, an individual would want to take pictures of the scene with their cell phone in order to preserve as much information as possible.

There may be a dispute on liability later, even if the accident seems like a clear T-bone. It is important to have as much documented information as possible so that the facts are clear after memories have faded. An Edmond side-impact collision lawyer could review this documentation and use it to build a case.

Injuries and Property Damage from Side-Impact Crashes

The kind of damages a person involved in side-impact collisions can recover are for the same types of injuries as any other collision. Side-impact collisions can include significant damage since they often occur at high speeds. The vehicles involved may require towing. In addition to property damage, individuals involved in side-impact collisions often face serious injuries. The injury-related damages include their medical bills, lost income, and any type of pain and suffering they have from the wreck.

Determining Fault

State law does not provide a specific definition of a side-impact collision. The law is relevant, however, when determining liability, or which party is at fault for the accident. In a side-impact scenario, liability is often based on which driver had the right of way.

How an Edmond Car Accident Attorney Can Help

An attorney could be a valuable asset to the victims involved in a side-impact collision. An attorney could make sure all of the evidence is retained and quickly get in touch with the insurance company. They are usually able to speed up the process to get the car either fixed or replaced. Also, if the insurance company does not want to settle, the next step is to file a lawsuit to get the claim paid.

If you were injured in a side-impact accident, contact an Edmond side-impact collision lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could provide assistance in recovering the damages you may be entitled to.