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Edmond Teen Driver Car Accident Lawyer

The segment of the population statistically proven to be in the highest frequency of car accidents is teenagers. Even so, just because you are involved in an accident with a teenaged driver does not mean that the teenager is at fault. You still need to prove negligence on the part of a defendant to collect compensation for your losses.

An Edmond teen driver car accident lawyer could help you to pursue such compensation. A car wreck attorney could help to explain the laws that govern teen drivers and insurance policies, evaluate the negligence of all involved parties to the accident, and pursue your claim for the compensation that you deserve.

Teen Drivers and Car Insurance

Edmond laws require every motorist to obtain insurance with a minimum level of protection. Of course, this includes teenaged drivers, but teenagers are not allowed to buy insurance from these companies directly. Instead, teenagers must be named drivers on the insurance policies of their parents.

When making a claim against a negligent teenaged driver, that claim must flow through the parents’ policy. As a result, the named defendants in a car accident involving a teenager can often be the teen driver, their parents, and the insurance company. An Edmond teen driver car accident lawyer could help to provide more information about teenaged drivers and insurance policies following an accident.

Proving that a Teenaged Driver is At Fault Following an Accident

While it is an undisputed fact that teen drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents with other motorists, this does not guarantee that a court will rule against a teen driver in a particular case. In accident cases involving teenaged drivers, as with any other car accident case, a plaintiff has the burden to prove that the defendant driver was at fault for the collision.

There are two main ways to establish negligence. The most common is to allege that a defendant was negligent in that they were simply careless while behind the wheel. This can include alleging that a defendant was distracted, overtired, or was not taking appropriate caution given the current road conditions.

A second way to prove negligence is to provide evidence that a defendant violated a rule of the road and received a citation. Typical examples of this may include:

Of course, these citations could apply to any defendant driver in a car accident case. There are also special rules that govern safe driving for teenagers. For example, a driver who only has a learner’s permit can only drive from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. and must have a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the car at all times.

An Edmond Teen Driver Car Accident Lawyer Could Help You

The fact that a driver in an accident that caused your injuries is a teenager has little to do with your rights to compensation. The fact remains that most claims for damages go through a defendant’s insurance company. It just so happens that teenagers must be present on their parents’ insurance plans. Most claims for damages will flow through this insurance.

An Edmond teen driver car accident lawyer could help to pursue the compensation needed to set things right. Contact an Edmond teen driver car accident lawyer today to give yourself the best chance for success.