Edmond Dog Bite Lawyer

The American Veterinary Association reports that there are nearly 4.5 million dog bites per year, and one out of every five of those bites results in infection. Additionally, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that the average cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay is almost 50 percent more than most injury-related stays.

These statistics illustrate the horrific tendency for what at first may seem to be a simple dog bite to lead down a path of serious illness and financial loss. On top of that, a dog attack may cause nerve, bone, and muscle damage; puncture wounds; concussions; emotional trauma; and even death. It is important to keep in mind, though, that dog owners have legal responsibilities to keep others safe, and courts take this type of claim very seriously because once a dog injures a person, it often happens again.

Experienced personal injury attorneys are well-versed in Oklahoma’s laws regarding injuries caused by dog attacks and understand the complicated consequences a dog bite victim suffers. An Edmond dog bite lawyer could help you seek fair compensation for your injuries while legally directing responsibility to those who should be accountable.

Dog Bite Liability Laws

Oklahoma Civil Statutes §42.1 and §42.2  make it clear that a dog’s owner is responsible for all damages sustained when their dog, unprovoked, bites or injures another person on the owner’s property, or in a public place that person has a lawful right to be:

Parties legally allowed on a dog owner’s private property include various municipal and private employees whose work would require them to enter said property, such as postal workers, meter readers, repair technicians, and public utility workers. Public places in this context may include streets, sidewalks, places of business or entertainment, and parks and recreational facilities.

Dog bite laws can vary from city to city and according to circumstances. For example, Edmond has additional laws regarding leaving dogs unattended. Either way, both dog owners and victims of a dog bite need to be aware of the laws that pet owners must follow, so they understand their own rights after an attack.  A dog bite lawyer in Edmond could evaluate the personal details of a dog bite case and protect a potential client’s rights.

What are Considered “Dangerous” Dogs?

It is also important to mention that once a dog has caused an injury, it may be legally labeled, “dangerous”.  Owners of dangerous dogs usually have additional safety regulations to follow to avoid having another person or animal come to harm. If a dangerous dog does bite a second time, the owner may face more severe penalties than first-time offenders would.

Recoverable Dog Bite Damages

Humans are not the only ones who can greatly suffer due to a dog attack. Domestic pets and livestock are also at risk. In a case where livestock is injured or killed, the owner of the dog could be held liable for related financial losses, as well as court fees and attorney expenses.

In the same vein, victims of dog attacks have a right to seek compensation for costs related to their injuries. This compensation can be used to cover the costs of medical treatments, surgeries, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more. An Edmond dog bite lawyer could record injury-related medical expenses and analyze the facts of a potential client’s case to determine what compensation they may be entitled to.

Call a Knowledgeable Edmond Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you were bitten by a dog or severely injured in a domestic animal attack, you have a responsibility to yourself and to your family to get well—and contacting skilled legal counsel could be the best way to accomplish this as quickly and as easily as possible.

Through knowledge of the laws specifically relevant to your case and a thorough investigation of the facts, your attorney could help you pursue justice and the compensation you deserve while you focus on getting better. Protect your rights and the future welfare of those in your community, and call an Edmond dog bite lawyer today.