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The birth of a child should always be a joyous occasion, but a birth injury typically tempers any such celebration and replaces it with worries about what a birth injury may mean for your child. In some situations, a birth injury is not recognized until a child is a little older, but the effects can be just as devastating.

If your child suffered an injury at birth, you may want to seek assistance from a qualified and compassionate medical malpractice attorney. An Edmond birth injury lawyer could help your family seek the compensation you need to make sure your child is protected.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

There are several different types of possible birth injuries, most of which involve loss of oxygen to the child’s brain or damage to the baby’s nerves or bones. These include:

  • Head injuries, including skull fractures, and swelling and bruising to the child’s head
  • Cerebral palsy and brain damage
  • Scalp lacerations, infections and bleeding
  • Brachial plexus palsy caused by shoulder dystocia, which may cause partial paralysis and nerve problems with upper arms
  • Bleeding under the skull caused by forceps

Parties Liable in Birth Injury Cases

Depending on the circumstances, various parties could potentially be held liable for a child’s birth injury in Oklahoma. Most commonly, a doctor or healthcare provider who made a mistake just before, during, or after the baby’s birth may have acted negligently. For instance, the doctor could have breached the reasonable standard of care by ignoring protocol and not ordering a Cesarean section soon enough.

Who Could a Face a Negligence Claim?

The obstetrician responsible for caring for the mother during her pregnancy could also have provided substandard prenatal care by failing to diagnose the mother with a health condition that needed treatment throughout her pregnancy. The pediatrician or fetal medicine specialist in the hospital may have failed to provide adequate care for the baby soon after their birth—for instance, by not providing oxygen as needed.

Regardless of who is responsible for the birth injury, an experienced Edmond birth injury attorney could investigate the mother’s medical records—along with her child’s—to determine whether doctors and healthcare providers breached the reasonable standard of care and caused the child’s birth injury.

Establishing the Reasonable Standard of Care

A birth injury caused by a negligent medical provider is typically considered a form of medical malpractice. In Oklahoma medical malpractice cases, courts seek to determine whether the healthcare provider breached their duty to provide a reasonable standard of care.

In order to determine what the reasonable standard of care is, courts usually hear testimony from experts in the same medical field as the doctor or healthcare worker in question. The expectation is that, through this testimony, the expert can determine whether the choices made by the medical provider complied with what a reasonable doctor in a similar situation would have done.

Regardless of the severity of your child’s birth injury or when you became aware of the possibility that a birth injury took place, an Edmond birth injury lawyer could investigate what happened and help you seek a positive resolution to your case. Call today to start exploring whether you and your child may be eligible for compensation through a birth injury claim against a negligent medical provider or hospital.