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Edmond Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists

Edmond traffic laws are meant for motorcyclists to protect motorcycle riders as well as other motorists on the road. Traffic laws include rules about how a motorcycle must be maintained as well as laws concerning proper licensure and operation. In the event of an accident, failure to follow the rules of the road could limit or eliminate an individual’s potential compensation from the responsible party.

Seek help from a diligent attorney to learn more about the Edmond traffic laws for motorcyclists and how it could affect an individual’s claim for compensation. Call today and set up a consultation with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer.

Shared Responsibility for a Crash

The same rules of the road that apply to passenger cars and commercial trucks apply to motorcycles. Riders must adhere to rules concerning speeding, proper signaling before changing lanes, yielding, and stopping for emergency vehicles.

Any accident that occurs between a motorcyclist and another vehicle will require an examination of fault. Oklahoma follows the rules of comparative negligence. According to Oklahoma Statute 23 §1(13), both parties, the plaintiff and the defendant, may be assigned a percentage of blame for an accident. If the jury believes that an injured motorcyclist was speeding at the time of the accident, they may attribute a portion of the blame for the accident to the rider.

A plaintiff who is more than 51 percent or more at-fault may not be eligible to recover any compensation. The injured claimant’s compensation award may be reduced by their percentage of fault. A skilled attorney could help explain the rules of comparative negligence and the relevance of specific Edmond traffic laws for motorcyclists to a particular claim.

Requirements for Motorcyclists in Edmond

While all riders must follow the common rules of the road as described above, there are also special provisions that apply only to motorcyclists. For example, all bikers must obtain a Class M endorsement on their driver’s license. If an individual is involved in an accident and they do not have such an endorsement may find their competency to operate a motorcycle challenged by an insurance company.

Certain modifications to a motorcycle may also violate state laws. For example, all bikes must have both side-view mirrors, and the handlebars must be no higher than the operator’s eyes. Illegal modifications can make driving the bike unnecessarily dangerous and may contribute to an accident.

Another common issue for bikers is lane sharing. Oklahoma state law has no ban on lane sharing, and as such, bikers may ride side-by-side in a single lane. An investigation into an accident may point to this practice as being reckless, however, affecting compensation. An experienced attorney could help bikers better understand rules concerning the proper operation of motorcycles and how they may affect a case

Edmond Traffic Laws for Motorcycles Could Affect an Injury Case

Motorcycle riders have the same obligations to follow the basic rules of the road as other motorists. Riders must refrain from speeding, follow all traffic control signals, and yield to other motorists when required. Also, all motorcycles must be in a safe running condition and not contain any illegal modifications or equipment.

Edmond traffic laws for motorcyclists require riders to refrain from placing others at unreasonable risk of harm. Failure to do so could reduce or even eliminate potential recovery for your injuries. Contact an attorney to learn more about Edmond traffic laws and how they could affect your motorcycle injury case. Call today.