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Wherever you go in life, you usually have an inherent expectation that you will remain safe. Whether you spend the day in a public park or an afternoon at a neighbor’s barbeque, the property owners in both scenarios have a duty to maintain a safe environment for all those who enter.

However, accidents happen, and under certain circumstances, a compassionate personal injury attorney could help injured plaintiffs hold property owners accountable for accidents that occur on their property. If you were injured on another’s property, it may be time to talk to an Edmond premises liability lawyer for help determining who is responsible for your injuries.

Establishing Fault

Unfortunately, this question is not always easy to answer. For a landowner to be found at fault, negligence must be proven in the following ways:

  1. The landowner had a duty to the plaintiff to keep them safe
  2. The landowner neglected—or breached—that duty
  3. There are resulting injuries directly because of the breach of duty
  4. The injuries were caused due to the landowner’s breach of duty

It may seem obvious that injuries were sustained due to a hazardous condition on another’s land. However, matters can become complicated when a plaintiff tries to prove that the landowner knew of that condition and had a clear responsibility to the injured to remedy it before they fell.

Without determining that the property owner had an obligation to the person injured, an injury alone is not enough to win a claim. For those suffering from an accident on another’s property, time is often of the essence, so it may be wise for them to contact a premises liability lawyer in Edmond who could begin to investigate the details of how the injury occurred as soon as possible.

Who May File a Premises Liability Claim?

Anyone who is injured on another person’s property can file a claim to seek compensation for losses such as injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering. It may be surprising to learn, however, that not everyone who has a legal right to be on someone’s private property must be an invited guest.

Certain people like postmen, repairmen, and other service workers have an intrinsic right to be on another’s land while performing their respective duties, and it is the landowner’s responsibility to make certain there is nothing on their property that could cause harm to anyone who needs to do their job. However, Oklahoma Civil Statute §76-80 clarifies that landowners in Edmond have no duty to protect trespassers.

This does not necessarily mean that trespassers have no rights when injured on another’s land, though. There are several exceptions to this statute, especially with regard to children or extremely dangerous conditions. An Edmond premises liability lawyer could review the facts of a potential client’s case to determine what rights to a claim they have.

Consulting an Edmond Premises Liability Attorney

If you suffer from injuries sustained on another person’s property, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. At the same time, though, you should not have to spend your time and energy fighting for what you deserve when you should be resting and recuperating.

Invest in your own future by seeking out an Edmond premises liability lawyer who could fight for your rights and dig into the specifics of your particular case to obtain the best possible outcome. Call today to set up a consultation.