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Edmond Cell Phone/Texting While Driving Truck Accident Lawyer

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of daily life, arguably as essential as a wallet or keys. Of course, with this new technological dependence comes side effects, particularly while on the road. There is little to stop drivers from using their cell phone behind the wheel, which has led to a massive increase in distracted driving accidents.

Commercial truck drivers who use a phone while operating a vehicle can face criminal prosecution in the State of Oklahoma. Likewise, proof that a police officer cited a truck driver for distracted driving can serve as powerful evidence in a truck accident lawsuit.

An Edmond cell phone/texting while driving truck accident lawyer may be able to help you if you were hurt by a truck driver who was texting behind the wheel. An experienced truck accident attorney could handle every portion of your case, with a particular focus on leveraging a citation for texting while driving to prove truck driver negligence.

Texting While Driving Prohibition

Since 2015, it has been illegal for any person to use a cell phone to send, read, or compose a text message while driving. According to Oklahoma Statutes §47-11-901d, this is normally not a criminal offense, but a moving violation that could result in a fine of up to $100.

The laws that govern commercial drivers, however, are much harsher. More severe penalties apply to drivers of tractor trailers, construction vehicles, delivery drivers, and essentially anyone on the road for a business purpose. Under O.S. §47-11-901c, texting while driving a commercial vehicle is a misdemeanor criminal offenses that mandates a fine of $500.

While these statutes do not connect texting while driving to personal injury liability, a conviction may serve as per se evidence of negligence. A court that finds a defendant to be in violation of a public safety statute like the texting-while-driving prohibition could assume that a defendant is negligent in an accident. An Edmond cell phone/texting while driving truck accident attorney could help to connect a conviction for these actions to a personal injury claim.

Protecting Plaintiff Rights

While the presence of a citation for texting while driving may demonstrate trucker negligence, it may only be one aspect of a successful truck accident case. Plaintiffs in these cases must also be sure to accurately measure their damages in order to collect the appropriate compensation for their losses.

Any truck accident claim should demand full compensation to pay for necessary medical treatment, but a claim should also examine the broader impact of the accident upon the plaintiff’s finances. Many of these accidents will leave a victim unable to work for some time, so a claim can demand reimbursement for this lost income as well.

In addition, a claim could demand payments for any pain and suffering connected to the incident. A cell phone/texting while driving truck accident lawyer in Edmond could help plaintiffs measure their damages accurately and hold negligent truckers and their companies fully responsible.

An Edmond Cell Phone/Texting While Driving Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

Commercial vehicles are a constant presence on Edmond’s streets and roads. Even when driven properly, these vehicles can clog roadways and obstruct lines of sight. Commercial drivers who flout the law by texting while driving place everyone else on the road in danger.

An Edmond cell phone/texting while driving truck accident lawyer could help you file suit against negligent truck drivers and their employers if texting while driving contributed to an accident. Truck operators may violate criminal statutes and may be negligent per se for any damage that they cause, and an attorney could help you connect any criminal activity to an accident and pursue appropriate compensation for your losses. Call today to learn more.