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Truck drivers and their employers work on strict deadlines. The quicker that a driver can move their loads from destination to destination, the more money they make. The emphasis on efficiency can lead truckers to take unnecessary risks in terms of road choice, weather, and load size, all of which can increase the chances of an accident.

Perhaps the most dangerous shortcut that these drivers can take, however, involves consecutive driving times. Many truckers choose to drive more than 14 hours per day to earn better compensation, flirting strict federal rules that control how many hours a trucker can drive in a given day or week.

An Edmond truck driver fatigue lawyer could help you if you believe that trucker fatigue was a contributing factor in an accident. A dedicated truck crash attorney could help explain the relevant time limitation laws and how they intersect with your claim and pursue your case for all possible compensation.

Federal Regulations

The trucking profession is all about efficiency and timing. The sooner that a driver can get their load to the destination, the sooner they can take on a new job. Before federal regulation, drivers commonly took dangerous risks to move their loads.

Dangerous overwork led the federal government to institute rules governing how many hours a trucker can legally operate in any day or week. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all drivers carrying property must limit themselves to no more than 11 hours of consecutive driving. These periods must also follow a rest period of no less than ten hours.

In addition, a driver may not operate for more than 60 hours in seven consecutive days or 70 hours in eight consecutive days. A driver may reset this period if they take 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.

A police officer who investigates a crash may cite a driver for failing to follow these rules, in which case the plaintiff in a related injury case may use the citation as evidence of negligence per se. The per se concept allows a court to assume that a defendant trucker is negligent in a personal injury case because they violated the law at the time of the collision. An Edmond truck driver fatigue attorney could help plaintiffs gather evidence of federal violations that may help their case.

Absence of Federal Violations

While federal laws prohibit driving over a certain number of hours, this does not mean that a trucker who does not violate these laws is not fatigued. Truck drivers may be fatigued for any number of reasons, such as poor sleep or early-morning shifts.

Truck drivers have the same obligations to be fit for driving like any other person on the road. Just as the driver of a passenger car would be at-fault in an accident if they fall asleep at the wheel and drift into oncoming traffic, so too would a truck driver in the same circumstances.

Simple negligence that does not appear to violate the federal time limits is still a valid reason to pursue a case. A truck driver fatigue lawyer in Edmond could help injured individuals to examine the totality of a case to determine if fatigue was a contributing factor in the accident.

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Trucker fatigue is a leading cause of accidents between commercial vehicles and passenger cars. As a result, federal laws prohibit drivers from working excess hours in any given day or week. Drivers who break this law may automatically be at-fault in an accident and may also implicate their employers.

An Edmond truck driver fatigue lawyer could help you if truck driver fatigue was a cause of your accident. An experienced local attorney could work to gather evidence of fatigue, discover if a police officer issued a citation for violating the federal trucking time limit laws, and use evidence to demand full compensation. Call today to get started.