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When a truck driver is forced to make a quick turn to the left or right in traffic, the forces at play may turn the trailer onto its side, causing a rollover. The likelihood of a rollover collision increases in poor weather or when the trailer is off-balance. If a truck rollover causes an injury to another party, the driver or the trucking company could be personally liable.

An Edmond rollover truck accident lawyer could be of assistance if you have suffered an injury after a truck rollover accident. An experienced truck collision attorney could work to investigate the reasons for the rollover, prove fault on the part of the trucker or their parent company, and demand appropriate compensation from all at-fault parties.

Why Might a Rollover Happen?

Given that commercial trucks often weigh many tons and are inherently unstable, rollovers are surprisingly common accidents. If a driver makes sudden turns on the wheel to avoid an obstacle in the road, for example, the cab of the truck may turn faster than the trailer can follow. The conflicting movement can result in the trailer swinging out to one side or rolling over, particularly in wet weather or if the trailer is overweight.

While a driver may make a sudden turn to avoid a direct collision, rollovers nonetheless affect other cars on the road—an overturned tractor-trailer may fall on an adjacent car, block lanes of fast-moving traffic, or spill dangerous cargo. As a result, truckers who allow a rollover to happen may still be found negligent in the event of an injury. An Edmond rollover truck accident attorney could help injured parties understand the nature of rollover accidents and how driver fault could affect a particular case.

Common Injuries

An overturned trailer is likely to come to rest in the road, which could create a blockage that a plaintiff is unable to avoid. As a result, rollover accidents often lead to an impact to the front of a plaintiff’s cars, leaving the occupants vulnerable to severe injuries.

Typical examples of injuries in rollover accidents involving trucks include:

  • Head injuries such as concussions
  • Broken ribs or shattered vertebrae
  • Dislocated hips or shoulders
  • Burn injuries
  • Amputations

An injured plaintiff could claim compensation not only for the medical costs associated with these injuries but also for any lost earning capacity and mental anguish.

No matter how severe their injuries, however, plaintiffs should act quickly if they wish to recover compensation. Oklahoma Statutes §12-95(4) dictates that plaintiffs have only two years from the date of an accident to file a liability claim. A rollover truck accident lawyer in Edmond could help to pursue an effective case within the correct timeframe.

Work with an Edmond Rollover Truck Accident Attorney Today

Rollover truck accidents can inflict serious injuries as well as economic losses and mental anguish. If you are injured in a rollover accident as the result of a truck driver’s negligence, that driver and their insurance company may be financially liable.

An Edmond rollover truck accident lawyer could help you pursue a legal claim by working to fully investigate the incident, demonstrate trucker fault, and press for all possible compensation in settlement talks and in court. Call today, as your time to file a claim is limited.