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Edmond Side-Impact Truck Collision Lawyer

Any collision with a truck or other commercial vehicle is a potentially catastrophic accident, and side-impact truck collisions are no exception. Worse, many drivers see a side-impact crash coming and physically brace for impact, counterintuitively leading to additional injury.

Unfortunately, the physical toll of a truck collision can affect more than just a plaintiff’s physical health. Many accident victims suffer harsh economic and mental harm as well. If you are injured in a side-impact collision with a commercial truck, an at-fault truck driver could be responsible for providing compensation for your financial and non-financial losses.

An Edmond side-impact truck collision lawyer can help you meet the legal requirements to pursue compensation. Following that, your dedicated truck accident attorney could work with you to gather evidence and fight for all payments you deserve.

How a Side-Impact Truck Collision Could Happen

Side-impact truck accidents typically happen in one of two ways. The first is a side-swipe collision, which involves a truck merging into the side of another car and potentially pushing that car into other vehicles or off the side of the road. Any passenger seated on that side of the car may experience the full force of the truck and suffer from broken bones, dislocated joints, or cuts from twisted metal.

Side-swipe accidents often occur when a truck driver fails to check the blind spots on the side of their trailer before changing lanes. All trucks have large blind spots, and despite the presence of advanced mirrors and even cameras, drivers should still manually check all angles before changing lanes.

The other version of a side-impact truck collision is a direct impact. If a truck runs a red light or a stop side, a truck’s cab may come into direct contact with the side of another driver’s car.

A direct impact can have devastating results, and it is not uncommon for the plaintiffs in these cases to suffer severe brain injuries, amputations, or burns. An Edmond side-impact truck collision lawyer could help provide more information about your accident and how the evidence points to truck driver negligence.

Proving Negligence

Plaintiffs in side-impact truck collision cases most often pursue claims based on negligence. Proving negligence allows injured plaintiffs to collect compensation from defendants who breach their duty to provide protection.

In the case of side-impact truck collisions, proving negligence may be straightforward. If a truck driver runs a red light or fails to stop at a stop sign, this may be evidence of negligence per se. Instances involving a side-swipe accident may be more complex, as police may not immediately attribute fault in the accident to either party.

Further, under Oklahoma Statutes §23-13, a plaintiff who is more than 50 percent at fault for an accident may not collect any compensation. A side-impact truck collision lawyer in Edmond could help injured individuals determine their share of fault and work towards full compensation.

How an Edmond Side-Impact Truck Collision Attorney Could Help

Your most immediate concern following a side-impact truck accident should be receiving full medical care. Further down the road, the accident may also leave you vulnerable to mental anguish or unable to work. An at-fault trucker could be liable for all these losses, but proving their fault can be difficult.

Let an Edmond side-impact truck collision lawyer help you. An experienced attorney could work to conduct their own investigation into the incident, apply the evidence to the relevant laws, and accurately measure your damages to demand appropriate compensation. There is a limited time to pursue a case so it may be worthwhile to contact an attorney as soon as possible.