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How Self-Tracking Can Help You Recreate An Accident

Bicycle after collision, Scott and Haight

Recently, Silicon Valley pioneer Brett Bullington was involved in a serious bicycle accident in Oklahoma. According to a fellow cyclist, Bullington lost control of his bike while accelerating down a hill. Bullington was lucky to be with other cyclists when the incident occurred, as they were able to shed some light on the events that caused the accident. Other cyclists are not as lucky.

When reporter John Markoff was involved in a serious biking accident several summers ago, he was left with a 20-minute gap in his memory where recollection of the accident should have been. Without the use of technology to recreate the accident, Markoff may have never learned exactly what happened between the moments he was riding his bike approximately 30 miles per hour down a hill and when he woke up in the back of an ambulance.

As reported in Forbes, Markoff was able to recreate the accident with the help of his Garmin 305, which was attached to the handlebars when he crashed. After he recovered from the crash, Markoff uploaded data from the tracking device to learn that the cause of his crash was a pothole that he hit.

Although critics may wonder whether “he really needed a digital device to tell him that [he hit a pothole],” having data from his accident recorded on such a device may come in handy in a variety of situations, such as if litigation had arisen from the crash. Another cyclist was using a similar device when a driver plowed into his bike. Although the driver claimed that the biker darted out of nowhere, data from the device helped him prove that the driver was distracted and the biker had the right of way.

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