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Car accident statistics are falling in Edmond. In 2014 there were three fatal accidents on Edmond’s roads, down from five the year before. Still, one person lost in a car accident is too many. Especially so, when the wreck should have been prevented. Any time a person dies or suffers an injury in a car accident due to another person’s actions, they may have a valid claim.

These cases can be very difficult, however, to make matters worse, as high as 26 percent of Oklahoma drivers do not have proper car insurance. That is the highest percentage in the country. This can make claiming insurance benefits more difficult and can add to the challenge of a car accident claim. With stats like these, anyone injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence should speak with an Edmond car accident lawyer.

Liability in a Car Accident Case

It is very rare that no one is at fault for a car accident. Even road conditions such as snow and ice cannot be completely blamed for an accident, as drivers are responsible for knowing how to drive in these types of conditions.

Liability in a car accident case will revolve around the person at fault for the accident. When the blame falls on just one person, their insurance company can be held responsible for paying compensation to the injured party.

If more than one person is to blame for the car accident, a percentage of liability will be assigned to each party. If they are responsible for paying compensation to an injured individual, the amount of compensation they will have to pay will reflect that same percentage.

The standard of modified comparative negligence also applies to all Edmond car accident cases. Under this legal standard, drivers considered more than 50 percent at fault for an accident cannot recover any compensation.

Determining who is liable for the accident can sometimes become complicated. No one wants to accept blame for an accident and the people at fault can quickly become defensive, and their insurance company will be doing what they can to minimize their liability. A car accident lawyer in Edmond can speak to the other people involved in the accident on behalf of injured parties to reach a settlement.

Car Insurance in Edmond

An Edmond car accident attorney can also speak to the insurance company on behalf of the injured individual. Oklahoma is a “tort” state, which means that the insurance company of the at-fault party is responsible for paying for the damages to any injured parties.

While that may sound like good news for accident victims, insurance companies evaluate claims to pay the least amount on claims. They are billion dollar businesses with a goal of increasing their profits, and paying out settlements detracts from that profit.

For this reason, insurance companies sometimes resort to unethical practices to trick the injured party into admitting fault, even when they are not at fault for the accident. It is common for insurance companies to attempt to settle a car accident claim while the victim is still treating. This limits the insurance company’s payout, but will usually leave the injured party with unpaid medical bills. In many cases when the victim is working with a lawyer, they will never even have to speak to the insurance company.

In some cases, the at-fault party will not have the minimum required amount of insurance required. This can seem like a hopeless case for the injured party, but lawyers are also knowledgeable on the different ways they can still get those individuals the compensation they may be entitled to.

Contact an Edmond Car Accident Attorney Today

Although car accidents are decreasing in Edmond, when they do happen they can be catastrophic. This is especially true because Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers.

If you suffered an injury in a car accident, call an experienced Edmond car accident lawyer today. You may be eligible for compensation and a qualified attorney can help you get it.

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