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All drivers have a legal obligation to follow traffic laws for the safety of everyone on or near roadways. In some cases, inclement weather may require drivers to adjust their driving meet road conditions. If drivers fail to adapt to adverse weather and cause an accident, they may be financially liable for any injuries that they cause.

Many accidents that occur during rain, snow, and sleet may be preventable if drivers would slow down and use extra care. All too often, however, drivers are in a hurry, distracted, and fail to take the time and attention necessary to drive safely during bad weather. If you have been hurt in an accident, a car wreck attorney may be able to evaluate the circumstances that led to the collision and determine whether at-fault drivers may be liable for the costs of your injuries. Contact a Midwest City car accident involving bad weather lawyer to schedule a consultation and learn about your options.

Proving Fault in Bad Weather Accident Cases

Most personal injury actions are based on negligence, or the failure of drivers to act in a reasonably safe way. If a reasonable person in the same situation would have acted differently, then a driver may be considered negligent.

Weather conditions play a role in what driving behaviors are reasonable in a specific situation. For instance, individuals must determine if driving at the speed limit in a torrential rainstorm is reasonable based on weather conditions. If reasonable persons would have reduced their speed substantially in this situation, then even a driver who was going the speed limit and caused an accident may be negligent.

Common Bad Weather Accident Claims

Aside from slowing down, drivers can take other simple steps in bad weather to avoid causing accidents or injuries. Individuals driving in rain, snow, or ice should maintain more distance than usual between vehicles in front of them and avoid slamming on their brakes. When drivers fail to take these precautions, the following kinds of accidents may result:

  • Rear-end collisions due to an inability to brake quickly enough without sliding
  • Front-end or head-on crashes when cars cross the centerline
  • Side-swipe accidents due to slipping on ice
  • T-bone or side-impact accidents due to an inability to stop at a stop sign or traffic signal

Such collisions can result in severe injuries to the drivers and passengers involved. For individuals in this situation, consulting a car accident involving bad weather attorney in Midwest City may be highly beneficial.

Call a Midwest City Car Accident Involving Bad Weather Attorney

Bad weather is no excuse for causing an accident. While some collisions may be completely unavoidable, driver error causes most accidents that result in injuries to others. When you suffer injuries due to an accident, you may want to seek guidance from a Midwest City personal injury lawyer.

Compensation from those responsible for causing you harm can go a long way to ease your financial concerns while you recuperate from your injuries. Contact an experienced attorney for an evaluation of your case.

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