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Whether you are shopping for groceries, back to school supplies, or new clothes, you may be dreading the store or mall parking lot – and for a good reason. Impatient and distracted by incoming calls and messages, drivers are often rushed and inattentive as they park, back up, and zigzag up and down the rows of cars searching for a spot or exit lane.

Accidents frequently happen when pedestrians – especially small children, who can be difficult to see – are struck by moving vehicles. If you or your child was injured in a parking lot, speaking with a seasoned car wreck attorney could prove helpful. A skilled Midwest City parking lot accident lawyer may be able to assist you in securing compensation.

Typical Parking Lot Accidents in Midwest City

Parking lots can feel like an accident waiting to happen. Drivers are often distracted, looking for spaces, checking shopping lists, texting with friends and family, or reviewing work email. With so much movement in so many different directions in a relatively small space, it is no wonder that tens of thousands of accidents take place in parking lots every year.

The most common parking lot accident scenarios include:

  • A speeding or distracted driver fails to see pedestrians or another vehicle and causes a collision
  • Two drivers backing their cars out at the same time collide with each other
  • A driver fails to look or double check a blind spot when pulling in or exiting a space, hitting pedestrians

Determining Which Parties Are at Fault in Parking Lot Crashes

In certain cases, it is quite clear which party is responsible for the accident. Perhaps a driver was sending a text message or checking social media and crashed into pedestrians in a crosswalk. Or a speeding driver looking out for a spot rear-ended another vehicle at a complete stop. In other accidents, such as when two vehicles simultaneously back out of their spaces, assignment of fault may be less clear.

Fault apportionment is a crucial element to recovering damages for injuries or property damage. Oklahoma follows the modified comparative fault rule, meaning that plaintiffs who bear some degree of fault can still recover damages, albeit a reduced amount according to the assignment of fault. Plaintiffs suffering who are deemed 30 percent at fault, for example, will be 70 percent of their expected damages.

Consulting with a Midwest City attorney experienced in parking lot accident disputes could increase a complainant’s chances of recovering compensation.

Two-Year Statute of Limitations for Parking Lot Accidents

Oklahoma Statute title 12, § 95(A)(3) allows victims of parking lot accidents just two years to initiate legal actions to recover compensation for personal injuries and property damage. Filing a lawsuit on time is critical because courts will almost always dismiss cases brought after the two-year limitations period has expired. Therefore, injured individuals should reach out to a parking lot accident lawyer in Midwest City as soon as possible.

Call a Midwest City Parking Lot Accident Attorney Today

If you are seeking compensation to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and damage to your vehicle, connecting with a Midwest City parking lot accident lawyer could be critical to your recovery. It takes time to review medical records, interview witnesses and experts, and gather vehicle repair records – all of which could be necessary in building your case.

Call a Midwest City attorney today and take the initial steps towards a favorable outcome in your parking lot accident case.

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