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Side-impact car accidents usually involve a distracted, fatigued, intoxicated, or otherwise negligent driver who does not stop or fails to yield to another vehicle before it is too late. Often called “T-bone accidents,” because they involve a 90-degree angle collision, side-impact crashes are serious, and can result in injuries that leave injured drivers with costly medical bills.

If you were injured in a T-bone accident, an accomplished car wreck attorney could help you navigate the legal system and recover compensation for personal injury and property damage. A Midwest City side-impact collision lawyer could be one of your most important allies in the wake of a severe accident.

Side Impact Collisions Lead to More Severe Injuries

While head-on or rear-end collisions can be extremely serious, the front and rear ends of motor vehicles are designed to absorb energy from the crash and minimize impact to those inside. Those on the receiving end of a side-impact collision are uniquely vulnerable because there is usually only a thin door – not a front or rear end crumple zone – between themselves and the oncoming vehicle. While many newer vehicles have side airbags that offer some additional protection, they may be limited to the front seat and may pose additional risks to children.

Side-impact collisions can also cause damage to a vehicle’s doors or windows, precluding a driver or passenger from exiting the vehicle or a first responder from accessing the injured. In some cases, such a delay could have serious consequences.

Drivers involved in side-impact collisions commonly experience injuries such as broken or fractured bones, traumatic brain injury, facial disfigurement, spinal cord injury, and organ damage. A Midwest City side-impact car crash attorney could help plaintiffs suffering from any of these injuries pursue compensation.

Recoverable Damages in Midwest City Side-Impact Collision Cases

Injured plaintiffs may be able to recover compensatory damages – both economic and non-economic – from liable defendants in a Midwest City civil action.

Economic damages cover quantifiable losses and expenses, such as medical and nursing care, pharmaceuticals, physical and psychological therapy, modifications to vehicles or homes, current and future loss of earnings, and damaged property. Non-economic damages might include physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life.

In cases involving a defendant’s reckless disregard or intentional malice towards others, exemplary damages designed to punish the defendant could also be awarded in accordance with Oklahoma Statute title 23, § 9.1.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in Midwest City

Oklahoma Statute title 12, § 95(A)(3) imposes a two-year limit on civil actions seeking compensation for property damage and personal injury. If lawsuits are not initiated within the requisite time frame, injured victims may forfeit the opportunity to seek legal recourse altogether.

It is critical to consult with a side-impact collision lawyer in Midwest City as soon as possible following an accident to ensure the prompt filing of a claim. Reaching out to an attorney may also allow them to begin preserving evidence and contacting witnesses quickly.

Reach Out to a Midwest City Side-Impact Collision Attorney Today

If you were struck and injured in a side-impact collision, having an experienced attorney on your side could be crucial to your continued care and financial well-being. Call today to see how a Midwest City side-impact collision lawyer could work tirelessly to build a strong case on your behalf. Let a seasoned legal professional help you recover damages.

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