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Despite advances in engineering to make commercial trucks as safe as possible, these vehicles are still top-heavy and can roll in case of a sudden turn or heavy winds. If this rollover is the result of a trucker not taking proper precautions, that driver may be liable for any damage that affects other people.

Individuals who suffer injuries because of these incidents have the right to retain a truck crash attorney pursue compensation for their losses. If you were injured under such circumstances, a Midwest City rollover truck accident lawyer could help you protect your rights by investigating how the rollover occurred, measuring your losses, and demanding proper payments from all negligent parties.

Why Are Rollover Accidents so Common?

Commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers are inherently unstable vehicles, as they are designed to carry as much cargo as possible in as little space as necessary. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh more than ten tons, which makes it difficult for the driver to come to a quick stop in case of an emergency.

A sudden slam on the brakes can cause the trailer to spin and torque, placing enough pressure on the cab to cause the entire vehicle to flip. Rollovers could also occur during tight turns. Special speed limits control the maximum allowable speed for commercial trucks on tight turns, but drivers who choose to ignore these speed limits place themselves at high risk for a rollover, especially if they are carrying a heavy load.

As a result, most rollover accidents name the driver as the negligent party. However, success in these claims is never guaranteed. A Midwest City rollover truck accident attorney could lead an investigation into the cause of the rollover in the interest of identifying legal negligence.

Proving Trucker Negligence in Midwest City

While truck drivers are often found at fault for rollover accidents, evidence is still required to prove this. Documentation—from a police report, company record, or elsewhere—that the truck was overweight or that the trucker did not follow the required speed limits can be powerful evidence that works in favor of plaintiffs.

Courts in Midwest City use the concept of comparative negligence to assign blame following accidents. According to Oklahoma Statutes §23-13, plaintiffs cannot recover compensation if they are found more than 50 percent liable for the incident.

Additionally, if a plaintiff is 50 percent or less to blame, the court may reduce their recoverable award at trial by their percentage of fault. A rollover truck accident lawyer in Midwest City could help determine how this legal principle might impact a specific case.

A Midwest City Truck Accident Attorney Could Protect a Claim from Aggressive Insurance Companies

If you were involved in a rollover truck accident, you may have sustained serious physical, emotional, and financial damage. Depending on the circumstances, a negligent truck driver and their employer may be liable to provide you with compensation for these injuries.

A Midwest City rollover truck accident lawyer could help press your claim against negligent truckers for full compensation. In doing so, they could investigate the cause of the rollover, take steps to measure your losses, and fight back against allegations of contributory negligence. Call today to discuss your case.

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