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Every licensed motorist has an obligation to drive in a safe and responsible manner. While this generally means following the rules of the road and adapting to the presence of other cars on the road, responsible driving also includes taking adequate precautions in bad weather.

Unfortunately, poor weather conditions combined with a driver’s failure to take appropriate measures are a leading cause of automobile accidents. Drivers who neglect to account for the weather’s unpredictability may be held responsible for any damage that their carelessness subsequently causes.

A dedicated Moore car accident involving bad weather lawyer may be able to help you pursue a claim for compensation if you were involved in a wreck that took place during adverse conditions. A skilled car wreck attorney could research the weather at the time of your incident to determine whether another driver’s actions were inappropriate for the conditions.

A Motorist’s Duty to Drive Safely

Proper driving involves taking appropriate steps to protect others from avoidable harm. This is known as a legal duty of care, and drivers are required by law to uphold it. A violation of this duty which results in an injury could form the basis of a successful claim for damages. As a result, a person who endures an injury because of another party’s negligence may demand compensation for their losses.

Compensable damages typically include the costs of medical treatment, economic losses such as property damage or lost wages, and emotional trauma connected to the incident. A seasoned Moore car accident involving bad weather attorney could work to prove that another driver’s negligence directly caused your injuries and help you defend your rights in court.

Bad Weather and Civil Claims

Unpredictable weather can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. Oklahoma Statutes 47 §11-801 requires all drivers to obey posted speed limits and drive in a way that is safe for current road conditions. Poor weather can contribute to less than ideal road conditions, so a police officer can pull a driver over and issue a ticket if they believe their speed is excessive for bad conditions.

This concept plays an important role in many personal injury claims centered around poor weather. A jury is likely to agree with a police officer who is of the opinion that a defendant’s driving was careless for the given weather conditions. Additionally, if a traffic court convicts a driver for speeding before an accident, a civil court may assume that they are at fault for any subsequent damages. For help with understanding how bad weather can affect an individual’s claim for damages, it is best to seek advice from a knowledgeable car accident involving bad weather lawyer in Moore.

Call a Moore Car Accident Involving Bad Weather Attorney Right Away

Bad weather which contributes to deteriorating road conditions is a leading cause of car wrecks. Poor weather conditions can limit visibility, increase a car’s stopping distance, and cause a driver to lose control during turns. A defendant driver who does not take appropriate caution during bad weather and subsequently causes an accident is likely to be held liable for any resulting damage.

A Moore car accident involving bad weather lawyer could help you pursue a claim by investigating the facts surrounding your situation, measuring your losses, and determining the role which adverse conditions played in your collision. Reach out today to get started on your case.