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Midwest City Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are a common example of an injury that may lead to a personal injury case. You could suffer a burn injury from more than a simple open flame—exposure to harsh chemicals, radiation, or even friction can cause burns.

If another party is found legally responsible for your burn injury, that at-fault party could be obligated to provide compensation for costs associated with medical bills, lost wages, and loss of quality of life. Still, defendants in these cases rarely offer full payments willingly. They may attempt to shift blame onto you for the accident or deny liability altogether.

A Midwest City burn injury lawyer may be able to help you recover the compensation that you deserve. A compassionate catastrophic injury attorney could work from day one to gather relevant evidence, connect that evidence to the relevant laws, and protect your claim from aggressive insurance companies.

Degrees of Burns

Burn injuries are categorized into three degrees of severity. First-degree burns are superficial injuries that typically result from brief exposure to heat. These injuries affect the topmost layer of skin, and treatment often consists of bandaging and topical creams.

Second-degree burns are often the most painful, as these injuries destroy the top layer of skin and damage the nerves beneath. Doctors may need to perform skin grafts to help a patient heal.

Finally, the most severe category of burns is third-degree burns, which completely destroy all tissue and may even affect bone. It is not uncommon for doctors to recommend amputation of areas affected by third-degree burns. A Midwest City burn injury attorney could help a plaintiff understand the causes and effects of their burn injuries, as well as how they may affect a personal injury claim.

Burns as Personal Injury Claims

Burns can serve as a legitimate basis for a civil claim. All Midwest City residents are responsible for the consequences of their actions, regardless of the severity of the outcome. If a car driver is at fault in an accident, for example, and the other driver becomes trapped in their burning vehicle, that at-fault driver could be responsible for the burn injury that results as well.

While proving defendant fault is central to any claim, it is also essential to demand appropriate compensation. A strong claim should demand payments for not just all necessary medical treatment, but the totality of a plaintiff’s losses.

Recoverable damages often include lost wages for missed time at work or payments for mental anguish. However, Oklahoma Statutes 23 §61.2 limits available compensation for mental anguish to $350,000 in most personal injury claims.

Still, a successful civil suit can provide much-needed financial stability after a severe accident, so it is usually vital to gather evidence that not only proves defendant negligence but also that proves the extent of a plaintiff’s losses. A burn injury lawyer in Midwest City could help establish both of these critical elements in a burn injury case. Reach out to a dedicated attorney today.

A Midwest City Burn Injury Attorney May Be Able to Help

Burn injuries can result from any number of accidents and can take on various degrees of severity. One thing that they all have in common, though, is that an at-fault defendant for a burn incident is legally responsible for providing compensation.

A Midwest City burn injury lawyer could work tirelessly on your behalf to gather evidence concerning the incident, choose a cause of action that fits the facts of your case, accurately measure your losses, and demand fair payments from at-fault defendants. There is a time limit of two years to file a case, so call today to get started on yours.