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Building owners, business proprietors, and private homeowners all have the legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment for anyone that visits their land. Those who fail to uphold these safety standards could be in violation of civil codes and ultimately be held responsible or any injuries that occur on the property. This could include paying victims for any injuries they sustained on their property.

To seek compensation, you may need the help of an experienced Midwest City premises liability lawyer. A compassionate personal injury attorney could walk you through the legal process and explain your options.

The Claimant’s Status is Crucial

Success in a premises liability suit may depend on a few factors. One factor is the plaintiff’s reasons for being on or inside the property during the injury-inducing incident. A visitor typically falls into one of three major categories – invitee, licensee, and trespasser. The property owner could have a different duty to the varying types of visitor’s status.


These are individuals the property owner invites into or onto the premises to conduct specific business. The property owner owes them the highest duty of care and must actively ensure the land is safe for them.


Licensees are individuals whose presence on the premises is to perform work or execute some other specific function. The property owner also owes them a duty to maintain their property and warn them of any hazards.


This definition is given to individuals who were neither invited nor held a license to be on the property at the time of the incident. Typically, the property owner only has a duty to not actively try to cause harm to these individuals.

Proving Negligence in Midwest City

The property owners implicated in premises liability cases and their attorneys could try to deflect fault by placing the blame on the plaintiff. To counter the property owner’s argument, the claimant must illustrate several crucial points including:

  • The property owner failed to warn visitors of any potential hazards or dangers
  • The injury was due to the property owner’s negligence
  • All the injuries and damages sustained are directly correlated to the incident

A premises liability attorney from Midwest City could formulate a claim by speaking to witnesses, investigating the accident scene, and interviewing experts to understand how the injuries occurred.

Damages for Injured Visitors

The damages an experienced attorney could help a claimant seek typically depends on the nature of the accident and severity of the injuries sustained. Common damages that might be sought in the wake of a premises liability incident could include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages due to work-related disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

Plaintiffs may also be able to seek additional compensation for other damages. A Midwest City premises liability lawyer could also identify other possible damage categories.

Reach Out to a Midwest City Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability incidents have the potential to occur anywhere unexpectedly and may cause significant if not life-altering injuries to those involved.

Property owners could be held legally responsible for injuries sustained on their land. A determined lawyer could look out for your best interests and get you the compensation you deserve. To find out if you can seek compensation for your injuries, you could speak to a seasoned attorney. Call a Midwest City premises liability lawyer today.