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Commercial vehicles, especially tractor-trailers, weigh much more than a passenger car. The weight of these vehicles makes them slow to react in case of an emergency and often results in massive amounts of force during a collision.

There are many situations in which drivers or their parent companies refuse to follow federal and state regulations concerning maximum truck weights. This is not only illegal but also places other travelers at an increased risk of harm.

If you believe that an overweight truck contributed to an accident, you may have the right to pursue compensation. As an experienced truck crash attorney could affirm, a trucker who violates weight limits is almost certainly negligent and liable for any resulting accidents. A Midwest City overweight truck accident lawyer could help you pursue these claims for appropriate compensation.

What does it Mean for a Truck to be Overweight?

A vehicle’s maximum allowable weight is not something that many people need to think about when on the road. However, commercial drivers and their employers must remain aware of these laws and how they affect responsible trucking.

One particularly important set of laws that control maximum vehicle weight are those that govern highway travel. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a single-axle vehicle on an interstate highway can weigh no more than 20,000 pounds. This limit rises to 34,000 pounds for tandem axle vehicles.

Additionally, local laws may create maximum vehicle weights on smaller roads and streets. A Midwest City overweight truck accident attorney could help investigate the weight of the commercial vehicles involved in the incident, as well as identify and research any laws that may prohibit a vehicle of that size being on the road.

Compensation in Midwest City

Overweight trucks can cause severe accidents that result in serious physical injuries, significant financial losses, and intense emotional trauma. A plaintiff in an overweight truck accident case could potentially recover both economic and non-economic damages for these losses.

Claims following these accidents usually seek financial compensation to cover costs such as medical bills. Plaintiffs can also seek compensation for loss of income if a plaintiff misses time at work to seek medical attention or suffers an injury that makes them unable to work.

Additionally, a plaintiff may seek compensation for non-economic damages such as physical and emotional suffering, loss of companionship, and a decreased quality of life. An overweight truck accident lawyer in Midwest City could work to measure the extent of a plaintiff’s losses and finalize a comprehensive demand package for compensation.

Contact a Midwest City Overweight Truck Accident Attorney to Help Pursue a Claim

Whether on interstate highways or local streets, both state and federal laws control how heavy commercial vehicles can be. A trucker who ignores these laws not only violates the law but also may be found negligent in case of a crash with another vehicle.

A Midwest City overweight truck accident lawyer could help you pursue your claim by gathering evidence concerning the weight of the commercial vehicles involved in the accident as well as working to demonstrate defendant negligence. Oklahoma Statute §12-95 gives you only two years after an overweight truck accident to demand compensation, so call today to schedule a meeting.