Moore Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in an accident caused by the recklessness or carelessness of another person, you may have the right to seek financial compensation for your injuries. Fighting a big insurance company for damages related to an accident can be daunting, particularly if you do not have a Moore personal injury lawyer on your side to help.

When you are recovering from serious injuries, you may not have the resources to fully investigate the accident, determine which parties may be at fault for the accident, and accurately quantify your losses. An experienced attorney may be able to assess your situation and determine whether you have legal grounds for a personal injury claim.

Grounds for Personal Injury Claims

There are three main legal grounds for personal injury actions: negligence, intentional conduct, and strict liability. When individuals engage in negligent or intentional conduct that harms another, a Moore personal injury lawyer could work on a plaintiff’s behalf to ensure that individual face liability for any resulting injuries.


The most common legal basis for personal injury cases by far is negligence. When individuals fail to act in a reasonably safe manner under the circumstances, they may be found legally negligent.

For instance, when someone gets behind the wheel of a car, they have a duty to obey traffic laws and pay attention to the road and other drivers. If a driver becomes distracted by a text message, fails to stop at a red light, and causes an accident that injures others, their behavior may be considered negligent. This could make them liable for any personal injury claims that arise out of the accident.

Intentional Conduct

Intentional conduct is another potential ground for a personal injury action. When individuals purposely or intentionally cause harm to others, they may be liable for the injuries that result from their behavior. Additionally, they are subject to criminal charges, depending on the situation.

Strict Liability

The final potential ground for liability in a personal injury claim is strict liability. In this situation, a person or company can be held responsible for injuries regardless of whether they acted intentionally or negligently to cause harm to others.

The most common example of strict liability is a product liability claim that arises from a defective product. If someone suffers injuries as a result of using a defective product, the manufacturer of that product may be liable for compensating them for their injuries.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

Oklahoma Statutes §12-95(A)(3) establishes a statute of limitations on personal injury claims in Moore. A statute of limitations is a law that gives injury victims a certain timeframe in which to file their claims for compensation. If they fail to meet the statute of limitations, they may be unable to seek compensation for their injuries.

Generally, injury victims—or their personal injury lawyers in Moore—must file their personal injury actions within two years of the date of the accident that caused their injuries. There are some narrow exceptions to this rule, however, such as in some medical malpractice cases, when the injury victims are minors or are incompetent, or when the potentially liable party is a government entity.

Consult with a Moore Personal Injury Attorney

Protecting your rights after suffering an injury can be essential to your future, especially if your injuries resulted in high medical bills and lost wages due to being off work. A Moore personal injury lawyer may be able to help you protect those rights and work toward a satisfactory resolution of your claim.

Navigating the legal system and dealing with a big insurance company can be frustrating and confusing. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, a personal injury attorney in Moore may be able to handle the legal aspects of the accident on your behalf. Call today to get started.