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Many people enjoy biking to save money on gas, lower carbon emissions, and for pleasure and exercise. Unfortunately, the increased numbers of bikes on or near major roadways could lead to increased numbers of accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles. Due to the lack of protection provided by a bicycle, bikers are generally more likely to sustain serious injuries than those in an enclosed motor vehicle. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident due to someone else’s negligent actions, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a Moore bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. A skilled personal injury attorney may be able to help you seek damages for your injuries by collecting evidence and building a thorough claim.

Understanding the Obligations of Bicycle Riders

According to traffic laws, bicyclists should be yielded to in the same manner as pedestrians. Bicyclists are also required to obey the normal traffic rules, with some exceptions, according to Oklahoma Statute Title 47 §11-1202.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are a few mandatory rules that bicyclists must follow. For example, bike riders must use a bike that has a seat. Also, bicyclists cannot hold on to a motor vehicle to increase speed or pass other vehicles by crossing into another lane of traffic. Finally, bikers are prohibited from riding too close to the left-hand curb on a one-way street.

How Obligations Affect Compensation

Failing to operate a bicycle in the legal and appropriate manner may result in the injured bicyclist shouldering some of the blame for the accident. However, Oklahoma does not bar injured individuals from recovering compensation even when they are partially at fault. In Oklahoma, a percentage of liability may be given to both the victim and the defendant. This percentage of fault may proportionally reduce the total amount of compensation rewarded. This is known as a modified comparative negligence standard and is set forth in Oklahoma Statute Title 23 § 13.

Calculating Damages in a Bicycle Accident Case

One of the most important aspects of any bicycle accident case is the calculation of damages. There are two main forms of damages, economic and non-economic, that an injured individual may recoup as compensation. Economic damages could be described as a quantifiable monetary loss. These include:

  • Lost wages
  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Cost of permanent medical equipment

Non-economic damages include losses that are not so easily monetized. Examples of these kinds of damages are the victim’s pain and suffering, loss of consortium, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

While there is no cap on the amount of economic damages an injured person can seek compensation for, Oklahoma sets a maximum cap on non-economic damages at $350,000. Still, there are some exceptions to this rule, including situations when the motor vehicle driver is found to have acted with malicious intent or with a total lack of responsibility.

An experienced Moore bicycle accident lawyer could help gather receipts and medical records to help build a case. A skilled lawyer could also bring expert witnesses to testify to the value of non-economic damages.

Get in Touch with a Moore Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you are injured in a bicycle accident due to the negligent actions of another, there is help available to you. Contact a Moore bicycle accident lawyer and let an experienced attorney assist you in preparing and building your case. Let an established legal counsel work toward the compensation you deserve. Call today for a consultation.