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Moore Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

A rear-end collision can be a startling and painful event. If a negligent driver caused you to sustain an injury in a rear-end wreck, you might be entitled to compensation.

Personal injury claims can be complicated, but you do not have to navigate the process alone. Contact a Moore rear-end car accident lawyer if you or someone you love was injured in a rear-end car crash. An experienced car wreck attorney could work to recover compensation for your medical costs and lost wages.

Filing Deadline for Personal Injury Claims

Filing deadlines exist to encourage litigants to pursue their claims and notify defendants in a timely manner. The applicable statute of limitations sets the filing deadline for various types of claims. Individuals who sustained an injury in a rear-end car collision have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Certain circumstances can affect the statute of limitations, so it may be beneficial to consult with a rear-end auto accident attorney in Moore. Failure to file the personal injury lawsuit within two years could cause a plaintiff’s case to be dismissed.

Categories of Damages

Typically, an individual who sustained injuries in a rear-end collision will have significant medical bills. Depending on the nature and extent of the injury, future medical costs may also be necessary. Injured individuals may also miss hours or days of work. Accordingly, the following categories of damages may be sought in a personal injury claim based on a rear-end accident:

  • Past medical treatment
  • Future medical costs, such as rehabilitation
  • Lost wages or loss of earning capacity
  • Medical devices and equipment

Calculating economic losses is generally more straight-forward than assessing non-economic losses, such as mental anguish or loss of consortium. A knowledgeable Moore rear-end car accident lawyer could provide a specific assessment of a case’s value.

Liability in a Rear-End Collision

The party who is determined to be at fault bears the responsibility for a car wreck. In rear-end collision cases, there is a presumption that the driver who struck the other vehicle from behind was at fault, as drivers have a duty to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of them.

The plaintiff in a rear-end accident could also be partially at fault, however, which may affect compensation. For example, if the injured individual failed to yield and pulled out in front of the driver who struck them from behind, the injured individual could be partially responsible for the accident. If a jury finds a plaintiff to be 20 percent at fault for an accident, that plaintiff may still be able to recover 80 percent in eligible damages. An experienced lawyer could help a victim with establishing negligence and recover damages.

How a Moore Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Could Provide Assistance

Although no amount of money can undo a serious injury, fair compensation could help relieve financial burdens. Drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care in the operation of their vehicles. When they fail to exercise reasonable care and cause injuries, they should be held accountable.

If you were injured in a rear-end auto wreck due to another person’s negligence, do not hesitate to contact a Moore rear-end car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney could pursue your civil claim for significant compensation.