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Moore Teen Driver Car Accident Lawyer

Local laws allow children as young as 15 to drive a car, under certain circumstances. While teenagers cannot receive unrestricted licenses, they can legally operate a car on Moore’s roadways. As such, teenage drivers assume an obligation to take appropriate caution to protect those they may encounter on the road from foreseeable harm.

Unfortunately, many teens have a notorious lack of caution and are likely to place themselves and other people in serious risk of danger. A teenager who causes an accident could be held liable in a civil suit for any resulting harm, although they may name their parents as co-defendants.

A Moore teen driver car accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation if you were hurt because of a teenager’s carelessness while behind the wheel. Identifying potential defendants, measuring your losses, and proving a young driver’s negligence may be difficult without the assistance of a dedicated car wreck attorney.

Why Are Teen Drivers More Likely to be Involved in Accidents?

Safe driving can take years to master. In many ways, expecting a teenager to be able to safely drive a car is unrealistic. They lack the experience and familiarity it takes to safely avoid hazards.

Additionally, many teenagers think they are essentially invincible and take risks that more experienced drivers would not. As a result, many accidents are caused by a teenager’s decision to:

  • Text while driving
  • Eat behind the wheel
  • Make phone calls while driving
  • Excessively engage with friends

These combined factors make teenagers more likely to be involved in accidents than any other age group. A Moore lawyer who has experience with teen driver car accident cases could investigate a young driver’s actions to determine whether they caused a plaintiff’s injuries.

Demanding Payments from Liable Parties

Regardless of a defendant driver’s age, they are liable for any damages that they cause out of negligence. Common examples of injuries sustained in teen driver collisions include neck and back sprains, broken bones, separated joints, and burns.

However, many injured plaintiffs also suffer economic losses in the form of property damage and lost wages. A claimant may also demand payments for emotional trauma such as flashbacks, PTSD, or a general loss of quality of life. OS 12 §95 gives an injured plaintiff only two years to file a suit to cover these damages.

An attorney could help identify potential defendants. Teen drivers are children in the eyes of the law, so a parent may be liable for the actions of their teenagers if a plaintiff can prove that they were negligent for allowing their child to drive. A teen driver car accident lawyer in Moore could help an injured claimant measure their losses and pursue compensation from responsible parties.

Let a Moore Teen Driver Car Accident Attorney Advocate for You

Teenagers are more likely to be involved in incidents that result in severe damages to a person’s health, finances, and emotional wellbeing. While teenagers may not be able to provide reimbursement for another driver’s losses, injured claimants may still be able to demand compensation from their parents.

Plaintiffs in car collision cases are responsible for proving that another driver was responsible for causing their accident. If you endured an injury in a collision with a young driver, a Moore teen driver car accident lawyer could help you establish their negligence. Contact an attorney today to get started on your case.