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During emergency situations, doctors, nurses, and hospitals still must uphold a standard of care to their patients. For example, if a person goes to the ER because they have heart attack symptoms, but the doctor treats them for heartburn instead, the doctor can be held liable.

If you or a loved one were a victim of emergency room malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation. A Moore emergency room errors lawyer could help you hold the at-fault party responsible and get you the compensation you deserve. Call a compassionate and seasoned medical malpractice attorney today.

Unique Aspects of Emergency Room Cases

An aspect of emergency rooms that are different from other medical settings where malpractice might occur is the doctors and their knowledge of the patient’s medical history. The emergency room is likely not going to have the full medical records of an individual.

Another different aspect of an emergency room case versus other medical malpractice cases is when it comes to establishing liability. In an emergency room case, the standard of care is for that type of doctor or hospital. For instance, if the emergency room is treating someone with some type of kidney failure, the doctor’s standard of care will not necessarily be the same as a nephrologist treating the patient. There is a moving standard of care when it comes to medical malpractice.

For more information, contact a dedicated Moore emergency room malpractice lawyer.

What to Do After Being a Victim of Emergency Room Malpractice

If someone is a victim of medical malpractice form an emergency room and they are still experiencing symptoms, they should seek a different doctor or hospital as soon as possible. After getting treatment, they should contact an emergency room errors lawyer in Moore to get a legal opinion. Once, the attorney reviews the case, they could determine whether the person was a victim of malpractice and if they are entitled to damages.

Steps a Lawyer Will Take in an Emergency Room Malpractice Case

The initial steps a dedicated lawyer will take in an emergency room error case is gathering the medical records. After doing so, the attorney will consult with a doctor who could testify, give an opinion on the standard of care, and educate the lawyer on what went wrong and what should have been done instead. The lawyer’s goal is to have a good summary of the case ready to go to negotiate with the defense.

Most of the time, it is better to settle the case because it takes the risk out of going to trial. However, in most medical malpractice cases, the defense does not want to settle until at least some of the depositions are completed.

Call a Moore Emergency Room Errors Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an emergency room, you might be eligible for compensation. Contact a Moore emergency room errors lawyer who could fight for you and keep your best interests in mind. Call today and set up your initial consultation with a well-versed legal professional.