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Moore Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident injury and fighting to recover physically and emotionally, you may be concerned about the permanency of your injuries and your financial stability. When the negligence of others leads to injuries in a motorcycle accident, you may have a claim for compensation for their insurance company.

Unfortunately, filing Moore motorcycle accident insurance claims is often frustrating. Insurance companies typically do everything they can to prevent you from recovering the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. After a motorcycle injury that was not your fault, the assistance of a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer could be instrumental to a successful insurance claim.

Common Injuries Leading to Motorcycle Accident Claims

The risk of severe injuries from a motorcycle accident is high. Motorcycles do not have the safety features that passenger vehicles have, such as a protective frame, airbags, or seatbelts. Many catastrophic and debilitating injuries may result from a motorcycle wreck including:

In some cases, these injuries impair riders permanently, preventing them from returning to work as well as lifelong disability. If the negligence of others led to injuries in a collision, individuals should consider filing motorcycle accident insurance claims in Moore.

Insurance Claims Following Motorcycle Crashes

In any motor vehicle accident, the typical procedure for injury victims seeking compensation begins with filing a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company. Unfortunately, negotiating compensation with an insurance company is often fraught with challenges and frustration.

Insurance companies often ask injury victims to give them a recorded statement which they usually use to obtain evidence showing that the injury victims were at least partially responsible for the accident or to exonerate their policyholder.

No matter how friendly the insurance company representatives are, they are actively working against a victim’s best interests. Their main goal is to pay out as little money as possible for the injury claim. Handling insurance claims and investigators for motorcycle accidents in Moore without the assistance of legal counsel may lead to a reduced settlement.

Damages in Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

When negligent drivers cause motorcycle crashes, their insurance policies often provide coverage for both property damage and personal injuries. The minimum level of driver’s liability insurance policy for Oklahoma drivers allocates up to $25,000 for injuries and property damage each. However, some policies have additional coverage and victims may be able to sue or settle for more. Items that may be eligible for compensation through a motorcycle accident insurance claim include:

  • Medical bills resulting from the injury
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity
  • Emotional trauma stemming from the wreck
  • Damages to the motorcycle or other personal property

In cases that involve severe injuries and permanent impairment, total damages may be significant. However, as insurance companies will fight to minimize payment, assistance from seasoned legal counsel may ensure a victim does not settle for less than they deserve.

Call a Lawyer About Insurance Claims and Motorcycle Accidents in Moore

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a motorcycle collision with an at-fault driver, you may be entitled to compensation through an insurance claim. Navigating through Moore motorcycle accident insurance claims may be frustrating, but with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, a fair settlement might be attainable.

State law limits the time for filing all personal injury claims, so it is important that you do not delay in retaining an attorney and filing a claim. Call today to get started.