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Moore Vespa/Motor Scooter Accidents Lawyer

Over the last several years, Vespas and motor scooters have gained in popularity as affordable transportation. However, a major disadvantage of these vehicles is the lack of rider safety. When devastating injuries result from a scooter accident, a Moore Vespa/motor scooter accidents lawyer may be able to help you.

Many drivers fail to notice Vespas or motor scooters due to their small size. In collisions with much bigger passenger vehicles, scooter riders are at a high risk of sustaining severe injuries. If you or a loved one was injured in a moped accident, you might wish to consult a seasoned motorcycle crash lawyer for advice on how to recover compensation.

Vespas and Motor Scooters in Moore

Vespas require that riders have a valid driver’s license and carry minimum levels of liability insurance. State law also applies motorcycle-specific regulations to these vehicles, such as the prohibition on lane-splitting, or passing between lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. If the negligence of drivers or other parties causes accidents, a Vespa/motor scooter accidents lawyer in Moore may be able to advise injury victims.

Common Accidents Involving Vespas and Motor Scooters

Various traffic accidents may occur resulting in injuries to Vespa and motor scooter operators. Some of the most frequent accidents that cause injuries include:

  • Turning into the path of oncoming or emerging scooters
  • Motorists changing lanes and failing to see mopeds
  • Distracted drivers using their cell phones or other electronic devices
  • Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs

Scooter riders also may suffer injuries when they encounter road hazards, such as large potholes or items blocking the roadway. Whether a negligent driver strikes a moped or a municipality fails to maintain their roads properly, contacting a Vespa/motor scooter accidents attorney in Moore after a damaging or injurious accident may be wise.

Injuries in Moore Vespa and Motor Scooter Accidents

Like motorcyclists and bicyclists, Vespa and motor scooter riders are particularly defenseless against the much larger, heavier, and faster motor vehicles on the road. While drivers and passengers of most motor vehicles have a frame, roof, hood, and trunk to protect them from impact, at least to some degree, scooter riders do not.

Due to fewer safety features, moped riders can be severely injured in a wreck. Some of the severe injuries common in scooter accidents include:

In some cases, riders can recover from their injuries with treatment, rehabilitation, and time, but some may result in permanent injuries and impairment. Seeking damages from the parties responsible for their accidents may allow victims to focus on recovery.

Call a Moore Vespa/Motor Scooter Accidents Attorney for Advice

Vespa or motor scooter accidents can be chaotic and stressful for crash victims and their loved ones. Taking legal action may not be on your mind while you fight the aftereffects of your injuries. Fortunately, a Moore Vespa/motor scooter accidents lawyer could offer you invaluable assistance.

Getting the compensation that you need could ensure that you get the necessary medical treatment and compensation for any lost wages. Call a personal injury attorney today to pursue justice for your damages.