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While some slip and falls result in just a few bumps or bruises, many can cause major injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord damage. If you are injured after slipping and falling on someone else’s property, that property owner may be responsible for the costs of your injuries.

Property owners have the duty to keep their property reasonably free and safe from dangerous conditions that might cause others harm. A Moore slip and fall lawyer could evaluate your case and determine your eligibility for a premises liability claim against the property owner. Following that, your seasoned personal injury attorney could work to represent your interests in any lawsuit you elect to pursue.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Cases

Premises liability cases all involve property owners who fail to reasonably remove hazards from their property that could result in injuries to others. These cases may originate from someone slipping and falling in a store as a retail customer or on private property as a social guest. Some of the more common cases that a Moore slip and fall lawyer could potentially turn into a premises liability claim include:

  • Customers who slip and fall on the floor of a grocery due to a spill that was not cleaned up in a timely manner
  • Patrons who slip and fall outside of a department store whose management failed to adequately clear the walks of snow and ice or put down salt
  • Loose floor tiles on the floor of a shopping mall that cause pedestrians to slip and fall
  • Invited guests who arrive at a private residence for a party where an uneven sidewalk and broken handrail cause them to slip and fall

As these examples illustrate, a reasonable duty to maintain and repair hazards on the property is a crucial part of owning or managing property where either the public or invited guests may enter. All these situations might lead to a civil action in which injured parties may seek compensation from store owners, managers, and private property owners. A slip and fall attorney in Moore could evaluate these types of cases for eligibility as grounds for a lawsuit.

Actions to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall injury victims should take reasonable steps after their slip and fall to document the incident by filing a report with the property or store manager. Perhaps more importantly, they also should seek immediate medical attention for any injuries that necessitate emergency care and follow up with their physicians for further evaluation.

If possible, victims also should attempt to take pictures to document a hazardous condition or the scene of the incident as quickly as possible following the accident. The property owner is likely to take steps to remedy the dangerous condition after an accident occurs, so collecting and retaining evidence of the condition’s existence can greatly help a potential case.

Deadlines and Slip and Fall Accidents

Oklahoma law provides for a statute of limitations, or a deadline, for filing claims related to slip and fall accidents. Pursuant to Oklahoma Statutes §12-95(A)(3), injury victims—or slip and fall lawyers in Moore filing on victims’ behalf—have two years from the date of the accident that led to their injuries in which to file a claim for compensation. Individuals who do not meet this deadline may not be able to pursue damages from others whose negligent or reckless actions caused their injuries. Reach out to a dedicated lawyer for help with filing a claim within the statute of limitations.

Ask a Moore Slip and Fall Attorney for Advice

Slip and fall accidents happen on a daily basis across the United States. While some of these injuries are minor, others are much more serious in nature, requiring medical care, rehabilitation, and time off work. In some cases, a slip and fall even may result in a permanent disability or impairment.

If a slip and fall accident occurs as a result of the negligent actions of a property owner or manager, you may have recourse in the form of a premises liability claim. Call today to find out how a Moore slip and fall lawyer could assist you in holding at-fault parties responsible for their negligence and seeking compensation for your losses.