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When a semi-truck jackknifes, everyone on the road is in severe danger. When you or a loved one is injured in such an accident, a Moore jackknife truck accident lawyer may be able to help you seek recovery for your injuries.

Being involved in an accident with a large semi tractor-trailer can be harrowing. The resulting injuries may cause you permanent impairments that change the trajectory of your life. The guidance and assistance of a personal injury lawyer in this situation could be invaluable.

Jackknife Truck Accidents in Moore

A large truck jackknifes when the trailer swings forward to meet the cab of the truck, which creates a shape that resembles an open jackknife. This motion causes the truck to leave its lane and can quickly sweep nearby vehicles into its path, causing a massive collision. In most cases, jackknifing occurs when truck drivers attempt to bring their vehicles to a sudden stop, as momentum causes the truck to fishtail and slide.

When a jackknifed truck finally comes to a stop, it can block a road or highway, causing a pile-up of other vehicles. The jackknifing movement may also cause a truck to topple over, which presents a considerable obstacle for unsuspecting drivers. A jackknife truck accident attorney in Moore may be able to assist occupants of other vehicles who sustain injuries in this type of crash.

Negligence in Jackknife Truck Accidents

Jackknife accidents often occur on exit ramps and around curves. Ice, snow, and rain can contribute to jackknife accidents, but the negligence of truck drivers is often the root cause of these wrecks. Some examples of negligence that may lead to jackknife accidents can include:

  • Speeding or other types of reckless driving
  • Improperly loaded or overweight trailer
  • Defective truck parts or equipment failure
  • Poor maintenance or failure to inspect trucks

All these situations may lead to jackknife accidents in which individuals sustain severe injuries. When negligence, whether by truck drivers, trucking companies, or truck parts manufacturers, causes accidents that lead to catastrophic injuries, injured drivers may be able to seek compensation. With the help of a jackknife truck accident lawyer in Moore, individuals may be able to hold negligent parties accountable for their behavior.

Injuries in Jackknife Truck Accidents

The injuries that drivers and passengers can sustain when involved in a jackknife truck accident are often severe and even life-threatening. While some individuals may eventually achieve a full recovery, others may be subject to permanent disabilities or impairments. These medical conditions can affect their ability to return to their previous jobs, pursue intended careers, or continue their education.

While many injuries can result from jackknife accidents, some injuries occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents more often than others. These injuries may include:

When these catastrophic injuries occur, injury victims may never be able to return to their regular lives. They may be unable to work, require round-the-clock medical care, and be unable to support themselves financially. In this situation, obtaining compensation through a personal injury suit may be helpful.

Look to a Moore Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney for Advice

The consequences of injuries sustained in a jackknife truck accident can be overwhelming. As you struggle with your physical and mental recovery, you may be unable to adequately handle the financial, legal, and insurance-related consequences at the same time. With a Moore jackknife truck accident lawyer on your side, you may be in a better position to get the compensation that you need from those who wrongfully caused your injuries. Contact an attorney today.