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Neck Injury Pain Overview

Today’s article is a guest blog post from the attorneys at Bisnar|Chase:
Pain in the muscles, tendons, joints, or ligaments of the neck can be the result of a neck injury. Neck injuries can be caused by a variety of types of accidents, and any neck injury should be treated as serious. Neck injury lawyers focus on cases in which injuries to the neck cause pain or long-term damage and health problems.
Neck injuries include a number of different classifications of injuries. The most common type of neck injury is known as “whiplash.” Whiplash is an overextension of the neck muscles resulting from the severe forward and backward motion common in car accidents. Whiplash can cause muscle spasm, pain, headaches, and swelling. Some whiplash victims suffer for an extended period of time with their injuries, while others heal rather quickly. In extreme cases, whiplash victims may require long-term physical therapy to recover from their injuries.
Other types of neck injuries include non-lethal and lethal bone breakage. Some accident victims die from broken necks in car accidents, but others survive, although they often suffer long-term paralysis or reduction of movement. Less serious neck injuries include sprains, strains, and pinched nerves. Although these injures are rarely life-threatening, they can be painful and inconvenient and may require medical treatment for some time before they are resolved.
Neck injuries are serious by their very nature, no matter how mild the results may seem to be. The neck is a very vulnerable area to damage, and it is very easy for long-term disability to result from what seems at first to be a “slight” neck injury. It is very important to see a doctor immediately at the first sign of neck pain. Some patients have mistakenly shrugged off a neck injury immediately after an accident, only to find weeks or months later that they are suffering from recurring headaches, limited movement, or other problems. A qualified medical professional should examine any neck injury and his or her recommendations should be taken seriously. Many doctors recommend physical therapy and other preventative measures to keep neck injuries from becoming worse or having long-term consequences. It is also very important to monitor a neck injury for an extended period of time after a “cure” has been affected, as many neck injuries can persist for years after the initial damage was done, and can flare up at inconvenient moments.
Neck injury lawyers can help you recover damages if you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or any other type of accident. Neck injury lawyers are personal injury lawyers who specialize in the knowledge and skill necessary to get you the maximum settlement for your neck injury. Before you sign any waivers or agreements with insurance companies or opposing attorneys, be sure you talk to a professional injury lawyer about your claim. A neck injury lawyer may be able to get you far more for your claim than you expect in medical bills and damages, and will certainly help you preserve your rights in any neck injury accident case.