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New Database Allows People to Search Nursing Home Problems in Oklahoma

At least 115 of Oklahoma’s 308 nursing homes have serious deficiencies, according to a new online database. The database is based on government inspection reports, and tracks major outbreaks as well as reports of patients dying from inadequate care.

English: St Annes Nursing Home

The database utilizes information on deficiencies that have occurred during the past three years. It further flags “special focus facilities,” which are homes that it deems to have a history of serious quality issues. One flagged facility in Oklahoma is the Buena Vista Care and Rehabilitation Center. The center has experienced 13 serious deficiencies in the past three years, and has racked up 105 total deficiencies.

The database allows interested persons to view survey reports of the various institutions from the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. One such report from the Buena Vista Care and Rehabilitation Center reveals that the facility failed to ensure that “foods were stored and sealed in the refrigerator,” “Fresh produce was stored without black spots and decay,” and “raw meat was open to air.”

If you are currently choosing a nursing home for a loved one, consider using the database to search the history of facilities that you are considering, compare the ratings of various facilities against one another, and scan the various inspection reports and penalties of various facilities.