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New Lawsuit Alleges Older Ford Vehicles Subject to Sudden Acceleration

In a new lawsuit, consumers are alleging that Ford motor vehicles manufactured between 2002 and 2010 have a design defect that makes them susceptible to sudden acceleration. The lawsuit claims that the defect is in the design of the electronic control of the gas pedals.

English: Ford Fiesta MK5 TDCi X100, photograph...

English: Ford Fiesta MK5 TDCi X100, photographed in Warsaw, Poland. Emblem on the front grille. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ford owners in 14 states have come together to file the lawsuit, for which they plan to seek class action status. The complaint discusses the alleged defects in detail, which they claim are in the models that do not incorporate brake override technology. Brake override technology essentially stops a vehicle if the brake and gas pedal are activated simultaneously. Ford did not begin to install this feature into all of its vehicles until 2010.

Of the lawsuit, attorney Adam Levitt stated, “For too long, Ford has put its own financial interests ahead of its consumers’ safety . . . We hope this lawsuit sheds light on this important situation and requires Ford to correct its ways.”

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages for the value that they allegedly lost in the defective cars. This value, they explain, is equal to the difference between the value of the defective vehicle, and the amount they paid for it.

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