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Norman Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are huge vehicles that often carry a large amount of weight, so accidents involving them can produce devastating consequences. If you have been in a bus accident, your best option is to contact a Norman bus accident lawyer who can go over the legal process with you, gather evidence to strengthen your case, and do all the work it takes to present an organized claim in court.

Having a skilled attorney by your side can provide you with a significant boost towards receiving an optimal outcome. Do not try to settle a claim alone, consult with a professional.

Liability in a Bus Accident Case

Bus accidents can have multiple liable or at-fault parties depending on the particular case. The driver of the bus may be at fault for failing to exercise proper driving behavior, the company that owns the bus may be responsible if the cause of the accident was faulty equipment, and the manufacturer of the bus may be responsible as well if the cause of the accident involved a manufacturing defect.

It is also important to note that the owner of the bus can drastically change the case. Whether the bus was a school bus, CART bus owned by the government, or a private bus can all shift liability and who a claim can be brought against. Knowing the specifics of a case will allow an experienced bus accident attorney in Norman to advise individuals on how best to go about assigning liability.

What Damages are Available?

There are two kinds of damages injured parties can recover. Economic damages have a clear, relatively objective price tag assigned to them. These can include costs such as medical care, property damage, and lost wages. Non-economic damages can become much more contested as they rarely have an objective price tag and rely on estimates from experts. This type of damage includes pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment in life, the burden of disfigurement, and mental anguish.

In Oklahoma, non-economic damages are generally capped at $350,000. This means that an injured person cannot receive more than that amount, in total, for their non-economic damages. However, certain exceptions may apply so it is important to consult with a Norman bus accident lawyer who can help determine whether any extenuating circumstances may be present.

The Statute of Limitations in Norman

The statute of limitations for all personal injury claims in Oklahoma is two years. An injured person who waits more than two years after the initial accident to file their claim will have their claim rejected and will be barred from recovering any compensation for their damages.

However, if the bus is a CART bus that is a public bus system, the statute of limitations changes. Instead of the standard two-year deadline, the victim may only have a year to file a claim. This is another reason that it is important to consult with a Norman bus accident lawyer who can help individuals meet all necessary deadlines.

A Norman Bus Accident Attorney Can be an Advocate

Bus accidents often involve several parties who may share liability for resulting injuries. The liable party can drastically affect the case, but you still may have legal options available. If you were injured in a bus accident, you may have an actionable claim to receive compensation. Contact a Norman bus accident lawyer who can begin advising you on the best approach to recovering significant compensation for your damages. Call now.