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Norman Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer

Bad weather is not just an inconvenience for Norman’s drivers; it can also create sudden, dangerous chances in road integrity that can lead to serious accidents. Despite weather’s unpredictable nature, every motorist must anticipate these changes and to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all people on the road.

Unfortunately, due to either overconfidence or incompetence, many drivers do not afford bad weather the respect that it deserves. This can lead to accidents as a result of ice, rain, hail, or heavy winds. A motorist who does not drive appropriately for the current weather conditions is no less negligent than one who texts while driving or who drives while drunk.

A Norman bad weather car accident lawyer could help you if poor weather combined with the irresponsible choices of others led to an accident. A car wreck attorney could work to investigate the weather at the time of the accident to determine if a defendant’s driving was careless enough to be negligent and work to hold that person accountable for their recklessness.

Risks Involved with Driving in Bad Weather

Driving is always a risky activity. Even under ideal condition, a driver who chooses to ignore speed limits, to drive while distracted, or who tailgates places other people in serious danger.

However, many of these risks become magnified in poor weather. Slick roads can increase a car’s stopping distance and high winds can push a car from one lane into another. Icy or snowy roads can cause drivers to lose control at even low speeds and during shallow turns. In general, all drivers must remain aware of their surroundings as part of their social contract to drive safely. A Norman bad weather car accident lawyer could help to provide insight as to how poor weather contributed to a collision.

Careless Driving in Poor Weather as a Legal Issue

Every car accident in Norman is someone’s fault. The goal of a claim for damages after a car accident is to accumulate evidence that points towards a defendant as being the sole party responsible for the incident. One common way to accomplish this is to show that a defendant violated a rule of the road. While no law prohibits driving in bad weather, other laws may limit the extent of permissible driving at these times.

For example, Oklahoma Statutes 47 §11-801 states that all drivers must obey posted speed limits and must drive no faster than is “careful and prudent” regarding road conditions. As a result, a driver who is following a posted speed limit on a road may still be speeding if a police officer is of the opinion that a driver’s speed is inappropriate for the weather.

If a defendant endures a conviction in traffic court for speeding, a plaintiff may leverage this conviction as evidence that a defendant was at-fault for a resulting accident. An attorney could help to build a negligence case against defendant drivers.

A Norman Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer Could Help You to Collect Compensation

A driver who is at fault for an accident that results in a personal injury is always liable to provide compensation to injured parties. Ice, wind, rain, or fog could all create hazards on the road that do not allow a person to drive at a posted speed limit. Drivers who insist on doing so may be negligent in case of a collision.

A Norman bad weather car accident lawyer could help you to pursue your case for all fair compensation. Damages in these cases can include medical costs, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Do not hesitate to contact a Norman bad weather car accident lawyer immediately after an accident.