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Responsible driving involves a person keeping their eyes, ears, and minds on the road at all times. A driver who allows their concentration to lapse for even one second significantly decrease their reactions times in case of an emergency and may find themselves liable for any resulting accident.

A Norman distracted driving car accident lawyer may be able to help you if another driver’s distraction has resulted in your injuries. A car wreck attorney could work with you to pursue claims against insurance companies pursue the compensation needed to make you whole again.

How May Drivers Become Distracted?

Distracted drivers are a common sight on Norman’s roads. Most distractions are of a person’s own making. Drivers who make the unfortunate choice to distract themselves place both themselves and others in mortal peril. This is such a problem that the state’s legislature has outlawed one common form of distracted driving: texting.

Oklahoma Statutes 47 §11-901d states that while texting while driving is not a criminal offense, the use of an electronic device to write, send or read a text or email is a traffic violation punishable by the payment of a fine. Other examples of distracted driving can include reading books, eating food, changing a radio station, or even having a conversation with other people inside the car.

Other versions of distracted driving have their origins outside of the defendant’s vehicle. A driver who is attempting to locate a street, who slows to rubberneck an accident, or who cranes their necks to look at another vehicle is no less distracted than one who texts. Any of these incidents may result in accidents that inflict severe injuries. A Norman distracted driving car accident lawyer could help to provide more information about the causes and consequences of distracted driving.

The Legal Effects of Distracted Driving

Most instances of distracted driving are not moving violations per se. However, this does not mean that a distracted driver is not at fault for a collision. There is no such thing as a no-fault accident in Norman, and courts and insurance companies alike must assign blame following an accident. An injured plaintiff can only collect compensation if they can prove that a defendant’s driving was the most prominent cause of the incident.

Courts in Norman use a concept of law called modified comparative negligence. According to OS 23 §1(13), courts must evaluate the actions of all parties to determine who carries the blame for an accident. If that court believes that a plaintiff is more than half to blame, that court cannot distribute any payments.

As a result, the ability to promote evidence that a defendant was distracted at the time of the accident is essential to successful car accident claims. Especially in cases where there is no evidence of a police officer issuing a ticket, other evidence of distraction is vital in settlement talks and trials. A Norman distracted driving car accident lawyer could help to gather this key evidence and to leverage it into a powerful case.

A Norman Distracted Driving Car Accident Lawyer Could Help You

Many car accidents in Norman are the result of distracted driving. Whether this involves a momentary lapse of concentration to change a radio station, or more serious acts such as texting while driving, a driver who is distracted and involved in an accident is likely at fault.

However, a successful outcome in a car accident case is never a guarantee. Injured plaintiffs must still gather evidence that speaks to a defendant’s distraction, leverage this evidence into powerful demand packages, and accurately measure their losses.

A Norman distracted driving car accident lawyer could help with every stage of this process. From day one, their goal is to bring you the compensation that you deserve with as little stress as possible. Contact an attorney today to learn more about distracted driving and car accident claims.