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Confusion about which driver has the right of way when meeting another motorist is a common source of collisions in Norman. Despite state laws clearly providing the information needed to answer these questions, many drivers do not understand these laws or simply choose to ignore them.

The law states that if a driver violates a traffic law and is involved in an accident, the court may assume that the defendant is liable for all resulting damage. Even so, obtaining evidence of this fault can be difficult, and defendant insurance companies may dispute these findings.

A Norman failure to yield car accident lawyer may be able to help you after another driver’s failure to yield resulted in an accident. A car wreck attorney could help to evaluate the laws that apply to the road where the collision occurred, follow the outcome of any related traffic court case, and make fair demands for the compensation needed to set things right.

How a Failure to Yield may Result in an Accident

The concept of the right of way is essential to efficient and safe travel. In fact, these concepts are so integral to proper driving that they are part of state traffic laws. Of course, drivers must obey all traffic control signals that require them to yield under, including stop signs, red lights, and yield signs.

However, other scenarios are less obvious. According to Oklahoma Statutes 47 §11-401, drivers who reach an infection at the same time must adhere to strict rules concerning who has the right of way. Under this statute, a driver who is on the left must always yield to a driver on the right. Also, drivers who are moving on a state highway or freeway always have the right of way over motorists who are attempting to cross or enter these roads.

Most accidents that result from confusion over the right of way involve a failure to understand the laws. Failures to yield when entering a highway through an on-ramp, for example, may result in sideswipes. In any event, the plaintiff in a failure to yield car accident case must always prove that another driver was at fault. A Norman failure to yield car accident lawyer could help to provide clarification about the state’s right of way laws.

Demonstrating Defendant Fault in Failure to Yield Cases

The presence of state laws concerning the right of way can prove beneficial to many plaintiffs. The state’s courts utilize a concept of law called negligence per se, which means that if a traffic court convicts a defendant of breaking a rule of the road, such as those concerning right of way, a civil court can assume that the defendant is at fault for an accident. A Norman failure to yield car accident lawyer could help to track the outcome of any traffic court cases that may help injured individuals to make this argument.

In other claims, a plaintiff will need to prove that a defendant’s simple negligence was the source of the collision. Here, courts will use the legal concept of modified comparative negligence to assign blame. According to OS 23 §1(13), a court must evaluate the actions of all involved parties to an accident to determine who is at fault. If the court believes that a plaintiff is more than 50 percent to blame, that court cannot award any damages. An attorney could help to prove that a defendant is the sole party responsible for an accident, even if that defendant did not receive a ticket following the incident.

A Norman Failure to Yield Car Accident Lawyer May be Able to Help You

Failures to yield resulting from violations of the right of way traffic laws are a leading cause of Norman traffic accidents. All drivers have a responsibility to follow traffic signals such as stop signs and yield indicators. Additionally, every driver has the duty to know the laws concerning the right of way when these signals are not present.

A driver who does not meet this burden may be negligent, and negligent defendants are financially responsible for the consequences of their actions. A Norman failure to yield car accident lawyer could take the lead to demonstrate defendant negligence and to demand fair payments for your losses. There is a limited time to pursue your case; do not hesitate to call a Norman failure to yield car accident attorney today.