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Highways, freeways, and interstates form an integral part of transportation in Norman and throughout the country. Most people travel on a highway at least once a week, and corporations rely on these limited-access roads to ship their goods.

However, high traffic density on these roads can create dangerous travel conditions. Since high speeds are permitted on highways, any collision between vehicles can lead to disastrous consequences.

A well-versed Norman highway car accident lawyer could investigate the facts of your situation to determine whether another party is liable for your losses. If another party is responsible for an accident that has caused your injuries, you have the right to pursue compensation with the professional guidance of a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Common Causes of Highway Collisions

When engineers design highways, they are required to prioritize safety. Designs which include wide lanes, adequate notice of sharp turns, and limited access from other streets should make highway driving one of the safest ways to travel.

However, many factors contribute to accidents on Norman’s highways, such as the high rate of speed. Even if every driver adheres to the speed limits, traveling at 60 miles per hour can leave people with little time to react in case of an emergency.

Additionally, drivers who use cruise control in open lanes risk becoming distracted. For example, using a cellphone while driving is a leading cause of accidents on local highways. A Norman highway car accident attorney could offer more insight on the varying circumstances that can lead to a collision on the interstate.

An Injured Person’s Burden of Proof

Civil courts require an injured plaintiff to prove that another party’s actions directly caused their losses by establishing their negligence. An at-fault driver could be convicted for violating traffic laws and subsequently pursued in a civil suit. For example, those who break speed limits, text while driving, or do not yield when entering the highway could face traffic court convictions, which may be used as evidence of a defendant’s negligence in a personal injury claim.

However, not all accidents have an easily discernable at-fault party. According to Oklahoma Statutes 23 §1-13, Norman courts must use modified comparative negligence to evaluate the actions of the parties to an accident. An injured claimant may only be compensated for their losses as long as they can prove that a defendant driver bears a majority of the blame for their accident. This typically involves demonstrating that their actions were reasonable before the collision with the help of a skilled highway car accident lawyer in Norman.

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Highway accidents in and around Norman can lead to life-altering consequences. Even minor contact between two vehicles moving in excess of 60 miles per hour can cause people to lose control, slide off the road, or crash into other drivers. This can result in a combination of physical injuries, economic losses, and emotional distress.

A steadfast Norman highway car accident lawyer could help you recover your losses by initiating litigation against responsible parties. Call today to get in touch with qualified legal professionals.