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A car accident can turn your life upside down, leaving you with extra bills at a time when your ability to work may be severely compromised. When another driver’s negligence causes an accident in Norman, victims have the option to seek compensation from the at-fault driver. However, if the driver left the scene of the crash, it could prove difficult to pursue that claim.

Fortunately, a Norman hit and run car accident lawyer may be able to assist in locating the driver and filing a claim for compensation. A seasoned car wreck attorney with experience handling hit and run cases can explore all appropriate options to help recover the maximum available compensation.

Criminal and Civil Consequences of Leaving the Scene

Drivers in Norman should be aware that leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense even if there are no injuries. In fact, state statutes include three different versions of hit and run crimes. Depending on the circumstances, hit and runs could be treated as a felony or misdemeanor offenses.

Oklahoma Administrative Code §47-10-103 specifies that if a driver involved in the accident fails to stop and comply with legal requirements, the driver may not only be subject to a fine and term of imprisonment but may also be required to pay three times the value of the damage caused, known as treble damages. Those suffering damage may recover treble damages through a civil lawsuit.

Drivers often flee the scene of an accident when they know they are at fault for causing the crash. This can make it easier for a hit and run car accident lawyer in Norman to prove that the driver who left should be held liable for damage resulting from the accident.

Options in a Hit and Run Case

Even if the victim of a hit and run accident has clear evidence to establish liability, it may prove difficult to recover damages if the responsible party failed to provide contact information as required under Okla. Admin. Code §47-10-104. However, a Norman hit and run vehicle crash attorney could investigate to locate the missing driver and serve notice of a legal claim for damages.

If an investigation fails to reveal the identity of the driver, then an experienced attorney could help review other options for recovery. For example, a well-supported insurance claim may provide compensation to offset the consequences of the accident.

Statute of Limitations in Auto Collision Cases

State law limits the amount of time a hit and run victim has to pursue a legal claim against the driver who caused the accident. This period is known as the statute of limitations.

If an accident causes injury or property damage but does not result in death, the victim should file a claim within two years of the crash. If the hit and run accident caused someone to die, either at the scene or later as a result of injuries, then family members have two years from the date of death to file a lawsuit. Failure to file a civil suit within the statute of limitations could be detrimental to a victim’s effort to recover compensation.

Consult with a Norman Hit and Run Car Accident Attorney

When someone’s negligence causes another to suffer injuries or vehicle damage, the at-fault party should be responsible for the victim’s losses. Hit and run victims may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, time missed from work, pain and suffering, and other past and future consequences.

If you experienced significant loss due to a negligent driver who left the scene of an accident, a skilled Norman hit and run car accident lawyer could help you locate the missing driver and pursue a claim for the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled. For a free consultation, call now.