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The growing presence of ride-sharing vehicles on Norman’s roads creates many interesting legal questions. Not least of these is who bears responsibility in case of an accident. For years, Uber and Lyft drivers have been fighting to gain status as employees of their companies. Unfortunately for them, courts have repeatedly rejected this argument.

As a result, all Uber, Lyft, or other ride-sharing drivers are independent contractors, which means that they are responsible for obtaining their own car insurance for all their trips. However, many insurance policies specifically state that they do not cover ride-sharing activities.

A Norman Uber/Lyft car accident lawyer may be able to help you to obtain the compensation you need to set things right after an accident. An attorney could work to recover payments for medical bills, reimbursement for lost wages, and compensation for loss of quality of life.

Uber, Lyft, and Employment Law

Uber and Lyft hire hundreds of thousands of drivers worldwide to serve as ride-sharing providers to customers in hundreds of cities. Drivers utilize company software to interact with riders and announce themselves as drivers of those companies. Despite this, Uber and Lyft have steadfastly maintained that their drivers are not employees, but rather are independent contractors.

Because Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors, their companies have no obligation to provide insurance on those vehicles. It follows that Uber and Lyft drivers must obtain their own insurance policies. A claim for damages against a negligent ride-share driver must, therefore, go through these insurance companies much in the same way as if the defendant were driving on their own time. A personal injury lawyer could provide more information about employment laws and how they affect Uber or Lyft car accident claims.

Pursuing a Claim against an Uber or Lyft Driver

As stated above, claims for damages against Uber or Lyft drivers must proceed against that driver’s insurance policy. However, a complication can arise with certain insurance companies. The details of many insurance policies do not cover losses that result from participating in economic activity, i.e., working for a ride-share company. As a result, many Uber and Lyft drivers are unknowingly driving without proper coverage. This can be disadvantageous for injured plaintiffs who may need to pursue damages directly from a driver who may not have the assets to cover a loss. In some cases, an injured plaintiff’s own insurance may contain an uninsured driver clause, and a Norman Uber/Lyft car accident lawyer could help to identify a plaintiff’s options for recovery.

No matter the legal path that a plaintiff chooses, they must still prove that a defendant ride-share driver was responsible for the accident. Under state law contained in Oklahoma Statutes 23 §1(13), this means demonstrating that a defendant was more than 50 percent to blame for the incident. Speeding, failing to yield, and texting while driving are all common sources of this defendant negligence. Indeed, even drivers who are passengers in an Uber or Lyft may file a claim for damages against their own negligent driver. A Norman Uber/Lyft car accident attorney could help to demonstrate that a defendant’s negligence was the source of a plaintiff’s injuries.

A Norman Uber/Lyft Car Accident Lawyer May be able to Help

More and more people rely on ride-sharing services to get to work, run errands, or to serve as a designated driver after a night out on the town. These drivers have an obligation to protect all other motorists as well as their own passengers. As a result, any person who suffers an injury because of an Uber or Lyft driver’s negligence has the right to demand compensation.

A Norman Uber/Lyft car accident lawyer could help you to choose a legal path that gives you the best chance for success. Contact a lawyer today to schedule a consultation.